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    Concertino - DAVID, Ferdinand (Arr.: John Glenesk Mortimer)

    1. Allegro Maestoso 2. Marcia Funebre 3. Allegro Maestoso

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    European Brass Band Championships 2019 DVD

    DVD 11_1Introduction to the Championships 1_2Conversation with Ludovic Neurohr 1_3Dear CassandraLudovic NeurohrEikanger-Bj?rsvik Musikklag conducted by Ingar H. Bergby1_4Conversation with Magnus Brandseth & Gyda Matland 1_5Explorers on the MoonPaul RaphaelCory Band conducted by Philip Harper1_6Conversation with Philip Harper & Glyn Williams 1_7King Kong on Rue Igor-StravinskyPaul McGheeBrass Band B?rgermusik Luzern conducted by Michael Bach1_8Conversation with Michael Bach & Tobias Lang 1_9Music of the SpheresPhilip SparkeParis Brass Band conducted by Florent Didier1_10Conversation with Florent Didier 1_11A Brussels RequiemBert AppermontBrighouse & Rastrick Band conducted by Professor David King1_12Conversation with Professor David King 1_13GlassSimon DobsonValaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc1_14Conversation with Ars?ne Duc & Vincent Bearpark 1_15Cory celebrations DVD 22_1SpectrumGilbert VinterBrass Band Regensburg conducted by Dave Lea2_2Conversation with Dave Lea & Florent Nicklas 2_3Intrada FestivaAlan FernieWardle Academy Youth Band conducted by Lee Rigg2_4Allegro from Trombone ConcertoRimsky-Korsakov arr. Gordon LangfordAdam Warburton with Wardle Academy Youth Band conducted by Lee Rigg2_5Conversation with Lee Rigg & players 2_6SanctuaryDaniel HallCatch Basin Brass Band conducted by Andreas Lackner2_7Conversation with Andreas Lackner & players 2_8Thoughts of LoveArthur PryorManuel Zemp with BML Talents conducted by Patrick Ottiger2_9Conversation with Patrick Ottiger & players 2_10Blue StarterOliver WaespiEuropean Youth Brass Band conducted by Bertrand Moren2_11It don’t mean a thingEllington arr. Jack CortnerPatrick Ottiger with European Youth Brass Band conducted by Bertrand Moren2_12Ende MaiMarkus Fl?ckiger arr. Corsin TuorEuropean Youth Brass Band conducted by Bertrand Moren2_13EuroflashDamien LaggerValaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc2_14Concertino in BlueBertrand MorenLionel Fumeaux with Valaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc2_15Valaisia VariantsTom DavorenValaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc2_16Finale from William Tell OvertureRossini arr. Gregor J. GrantValaisia Brass Band and European Youth Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc

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