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    Long Day Closes, The - Sullivan

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    Peace & Harmony - Paul Finn - Leigh Baker

    This melodic, cantabile style piece is a great opportunity to show of the "sonore" sounds of your band. It is dedicated to Masonic Charity (who will receive all sales and performance Royalties) and closes with the "peace and harmony" cadence.

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    Dreamsong - Philip Sparke

    Dreamsong was commissioned by Geir Ulseth and the Nidaros Brass Band from Trondheim, Norway. After a short introduction, the soloist introduces a rather nostalgic melody, accompanied by the lower brass parts. A fast central section is then played by the band, which leads to a climax. Eventually, the main melody played by the solo cornet and flugel horn returns, overlaid with an ornamented counter-melody from the soloist, who then closes the piece with a short cadenza.

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    For a Flower - Hermann Pallhuber

    For a Flower is a very melodic and virtuosic solo work for euphonium and brass band. It opens with a gentle solo introduction on euphonium, which develops into a grand hymnal theme. Following this comes a faster and more virtuosic section in a traditional Irish style, with a varied dialogue between the band and the soloist. The work closes triumphantly with the hymnal theme of the opening. For a Flower showcases both the musical and technical capabilities of this wonderful instrument. The euphonium soloist must naturally master both skills: lyrical playing and virtuoso playing. For a Flower was commissioned by the Dutch euphonium virtuoso Robbert Vos and is dedicated to his wife, Evi.

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    Montana - Jan Van der Roost

    From the first bars the stately character of this solemn, yet celebratory, march is clearly heard. The introduction of the main theme takes place in the medium register, immediately resulting in a noble tone. A lyrical trio melody provides contrast, but the march closes in a festive and imposing mood. A march worthy of any concert program.

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    Second to None - Philip Sparke

    Second to None is a perfectly suitable title for this work, though it actually refers to "Nulli Secundus", the motto of the British Corps of Army Music, who gave the commission to Philip Sparke. The piece opens with a fanfare, followed by two short quotes from two of the Corp's own marches and a festive Vivace. A more legato central section creates a nice contrast before the work closes with the opening fanfare. A perfect affair!

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    Moon Song, Sun Dance - Philip Sparke

    Moon Song, Sun Dance was commissioned by flugel horn virtuoso, Claude Romailler, and premiered by him at the Swiss National Solo and Quartet Championships in April 2012.As the title implies, the work is in two contrasting movements, which can be performed separately or together.Moon Song opens with a flowing modal theme, which the soloist embellishes before the band takes centre stage. A central section brightens the mood with a new melody over the lightest of accompaniments; this is once again developed by the soloist until the original theme reappears, played by the band. This introduces a cadenza for the soloist which either closes the movement, or can be extended to link directly to the second movement.Sun Dance is a vivace 6/8 scherzo which opens with a flourish from the band. The soloist then introduces the main theme, which in turn is taken up by the band. A short bridge passage heralds a change of key and a new melody from the soloist. A brief central interlude then introduces a change of meter and recalls the main melody of Moon Song, before a recapitulation leads to a florid coda, which brings the work to a close.Solo part: difficulty 5

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    A Christmas Herald - Philip Sparke

    Designed to open a Christmas concert, A Christmas Herald starts with a fanfare that introduces a lyrical theme, which eventually turns out to be a descant to Hark, the Herald Angels Sing, which is subsequently introduced by trombones and euphoniums. The famous carol then gradually transforms back into the fanfare, which closes the work as it began.

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