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    Onward Christian Soldiers

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    Brass Monkey's Occasions - Gavin Somerset

    Never be caught out again on a concert with this selection that caters for just about every occasion. Your training band will be prepared to perform anything from a Fanfare to the National Anthem and even 'He's A Jolly Good Fellow'. The music included in this publication is used all over the world, all year around. "Land Of Hope & Glory" is also included, in the same key as the popular senior band arrangement (by J. Ord Hume) so your training band can join in with the senor band in a proms concert finale. This release puts well-known, often requested tunes in one publication letting your training band shine, whatever the occasion. Music included is???FANFARENATIONAL ANTHEM (God Save The Queen/King)ROYAL NAVY HYMN (Melita)HARVEST HYMN (St. George's Windsor)ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS (St. Gertrude)DANNY BOY (Londonderry Air)HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOWF.A. CUP THEME (Eventide)LAND OF HOPE & GLORY (Pomp & Circumstance March No.1)

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    Onward! - Gawan Roberts

    A brief history: Pentecost Monday was a special day for schools in Yorkshire (England). There were a variety of activities. The pupils of Sabine Baring-Gould would meet with the children of a nearby village. It seemed like a good idea that during the walk would be sung. But she could not find a suitable song and decided to write one by herself. "Onward Christian Soldiers" was the result. It soon became very popular, though she herself was not entirely satisfied with the rhyme scheme. The melody used (St. Gertrude) was by the famous English composer Sir Arthur S. Sullivan. Back to now: Gawan Roberts, has given the hymn a proper update. He gave the still popular song a solid rock beat and added daring harmonies. So it's popular, for current generations, again for years. Onward!

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    MONTCLAIR CITADEL (Brass Band Set) - Stephen Bulla

    Stephen Bulla is a former member of Monclair Citadel Band and gladly supplied Bandmaster Charles Baker with this fine march for a recording made by the band in 2001. The tune 'Onward Christian Soldiers' forms the bulk of the trio, first being tossed around in various registers and then, just the chorus, in the festive ending.

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    DELIBERATE (Brass Band Set) - Andrew Mackereth

    So that there is no doubt about the correct pronunciation, the title of this festival (concert) march means 'to think about'! It was written in 2010 for the Belfast Temple Music School and recalls a particularly impressive open-air meeting from the previous year's school. The main theme heard is 'Onward, Christian soldiers' while there is also reference to 'A mighty fortress is our God'.

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