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    Carnival Of Venice - J. Arban - Jonathan Bates

    One of the most famous pieces of music, arranged by the most famous pioneer of the modern cornet, is now available for band as an Eb solo, allowing either the soprano, solo horn or Eb Bass player to turn their hand to this remarkable piece. Arranged by Jonathan Bates, little more needs to be said about this work as this timeless classic has been entertaining audiences for years. Now its time for the Eb soloists of the banding world to have a chance to play one of the most difficult, virtuoso solo pieces of all time.

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    Carnival of Venice (Bb Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Bb Solo with Brass BandThe Carnival Of Venice is arguably everyone's favourite solo, especially the version by Arban (1820 - 1869), author of the famous brass-playing method book still in regular use today. Young soloists aspire to master the necessary techniques, accomplished soloists know that it is a "sure fire" winner with audiences and listeners love to be dazzled by a virtuoso display of variations on a theme they easily recognise.The theme is a traditional Italian song and has inspired variations for almost every possible instrument. Arban's famous variations were written in 1864. The arrangement remains faithful to the original while maintaining interest in the accompaniments by varying the orchestration. Although the arrangement is listed as featuring the euphonium as the solo instrument, it can also be used successfully as accompaniment for a cornet soloist.The arrangement has been recorded by Jeff Binns, euphonium, and St Louis Brass Band, musical director Keith M Wilkinson, on the CD Strike Up The Band and by Anthony Avitollo, euphonium, and Cuyahoga Valley Brass Band, musical director Keith M Wilkinson, on the CD Around The World.

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    Carnival of Venice - Harry James

    The jazz cornet legend Harry James was synonymous with taking classical works and crafting versions in his own inimitable style. Carnival of Venice was one of his most famous features and here you have a true-to-the-original arrangement to feature your cornet soloist created by one of the greatest arrangers of jazz for Brass Band, Mark Freeh.A Brass Band classic given the jazz treatment, Carnival of Venice will astound and amaze your audiences every time. Not to be missed.

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    Carnival of the Animals

    Saint-Saens composed The Carnival of the Animals in 1886. He regarded the work as a piece of fun and was adamant that the work would not be published in his lifetime. It was published in the year following the composer's death and the first public performance was given on 25th February 1922. It was well-received and has since become one of Saint-Saens's best-known works.This brass band transcription contains six of the original fourteen movements and opens with Introduction and The March of the Royal Lion a brief, dramatic beginning is followed by a stately march for the 'King of Beasts' that is interrupted from time to time by the lions' formidable roar, depicted by ferocious, low chromatic scales. In The Elephant, a solo B flat Bass sings a doleful song made from melodies 'borrowed' from Mendelssohn and Berlioz without apology. Next comes the relentless descending third of A Cuckoo in The Deep Woods. Fossils are clearly not animals, but some of them undoubtedly were at some point, so Saint-Saens has some fun with the xylophone rattling around like a box of old prehistorix bones. Among some little musical quotes you can listen out for 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and some references to his own 'Dance Macabre' whilst opera buffs may recognise Rossini's

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    Carnival of Venice - Rimmer, W - Rimmer, D

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    The Carnival Of Venice - Arban

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    The Carnival Of Venice - Jean-Baptiste Arban

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