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    Bunch of Thyme, A - Brass Band - Traditional

    The folk song made a famous by Foster and Allen

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    Mr Marcello's Adagio - Benedetto Marcello - Matt Kingston

    Flugel Solo. They were a talented bunch, the Marcello family. Benedetto - composer of this charming, melodic adagio - was dubbed "the Michelangelo of music", had a music conservatoire in Venice named after him.

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    The Irish Dancemaster - William Vean

    During the eighteenth century a person called 'the Dance Master' made his appearance in Ireland. He was a travelling dance-teacher, who moved from one village to another to teach the people there how to dance. They were often flamboyant personalities, gorgeously dressed and holding a staff in one hand. In order to teach their pupils the difference between their right and left leg, the dance master used to tie a small bunch of straw or hay to their leg and then would order them to either lift their 'hay-leg' or their 'straw-leg'. The dancing masters used to stay in one particular village for about six weeks (if they were not claimed by a neighbouring village), after which they continued their journey. Having a famous dance master gave a village a certain distinction and did not seldom lead to boasting and pride. Also on account of the popularity of Celtic music in general at the moment, William Vean was inspired to writing 'The Irish Dance Master'. He 'teaches' you two dances, the Reel and the Jig. In between these two dances there is a short breathing space, during which a traditional Irish rhythm can be enjoyed.

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    Candy and Ice Cream and Cake - Hans Offerdal

    "I wrote this march for Furuset skoles musikkorps and Haugen skolekorps to use on the 17th of May 2007. Those familiar with Norwegian culture know that this day is the national holiday of Norway. What symbolises this day for most kids I think, are playing and parading in the streets and afterwards eating as much candy, ice cream and cake as possible.The rhythm of the opening motive is based on the rhythm of the title, thus the march is supposed to illustrate a bunch of kids shouting out: "Candy and Ice Cream and Cake!" There should be no doubt what they want after finishing parading in the streets."

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    Reach - S Club 7

    When the group S Club 7, (an able bunch with a wide appeal to all ages), released the song Reach in the year 20, it soon became a hit with many people, and still is. My wife Julie and myself were at a large event recently, and saw the effect of this song on a mixed audience – it brought the house down! Besides more serious projects, I am a great believer in entertaining the brass band’s largest audience, the general public, which is why I have been very happy to produce this arrangement of a song which is full of fun.

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