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    Elizabethan Serenade - Ronald Binge - Len Jenkins

    Elizabethan Serenade was composed in 1951 by Ronald (Ronnie) Binge. When Walter Eastman at publishers Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (who had given Ronnie much encouragement following his return to the music industry after the war) heard the piece he said it sounded like an Elizabethan serenade and with the accession of Queen Elizabeth II in February 1952 and the advent of a second 'Elizabethan age' the piece was re-titled to that with which we are now familiar. The tune was used as the theme for the popular 1950s radio series Music Tapestry, Music in Miniature on the BBC and as the play-out for the British Forces Network radio station. It won an Ivor Novello award in 1957 and had chart successes in Germany and South Africa. Lyrics by poet Christopher Hassall were added later, along with those in German, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Danish and French. There was even a reggae version. In 2012, the year of the Queen's Jubilee, one website put it: "The song of the dayis Ronald Binge's Elizabethan Serenade" and, accordingly, it was played at the official Jubilee concert and The Last Night of the Proms.

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    Beethoven's Beano - H. Snell

    Peter Warlock's Beethoven's Binge was the starting place for this lengthened version, with Mahler, Kurt Weill and Elise herself toting a trombone, and taking a somewhat drunken bow. Not quite the well-mannered young lady Beethoven made her out to be (or not to be).

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    CORNET CARILLON (3 or 4 Cornet feature/Brass Band) - Binge, Ronald

    Cornet Trio/Cornet Quartet. Please note: Score for the Four Cornet version only shows Cornet Trio

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    CORNET CARILLON (Cornet Trio or Quartet feature/Brass Band) - Binge, Ronald

    3 or 4 Cornet feature

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    SAILING BY (Brass Band) - Binge, Ronald

    Brass Band Set (inc. condensed score). Radio 4 closing item.

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