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    SVoR - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (b. 1964, Norway) is one of Norway's finest composers and has gained an international reputation for his music for Brass- and Wind Bands and Ensembles. The broad spectre of musical activity, the versitality in his production and his interest in working with amateurs and young musicians, can be explained by the fact that Aagaard-Nilsen sees composition as a kind social activityHis contact with the contemporary music scene in Bergen resulted in commissions from the Norwegian section of ISCM, the BIT 20 Ensemble and festivals like Borealis (Bergen International Contemporary Music Festival) and the International Festival of Bergen (Festspillene).Prima Vista is delighted to re-release one of his early works for brass band SVoR - a superb suite based on three Norwegian folksongs:I - Springdans II - Vuggesang III - Reinlender

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    Bonder i Byen (Fra Smabyskisser) - Sverre Bergh - Idar Torskangerpoll

    Sverre Bergh (1915-1980) was a central character in the music scene in Bergen, both as a musical leader at "Den Nationale Scene" (theatre) and as a director for the "Festspillene" music festival. He was an arranger and pianist for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK), and wrote stage- and film scores as well as piano pieces. "Country-Folk in Town" is one movement from "Village Sketches". This small overture was written for the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

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    The Call of the Shepherd - Edvard Grieg - John Brakstad

    A warm, romantic "pastorale", very suitable as calm interlude in your program. John Brastad, band master of the Bergen Salvation Army Band ((Norway) made the arrangement for brass band. Een warme, romantische 'pastorale', zeer geschikt als rustpunt in uw programma. John Brakstad, bandmaster van de Bergen Salvation Army Band ((Noorwegen)maakte het arrangement voor brassband.

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    Watching the Sheep - Johan Svendsen - N.E. Nikolaisen

    A Norwegian folk song, harmonized by one of the best Norwegian composers Johan S. Svendsen. The brass band instrumentation is by Eivind Nils Nicolaisen, tuba player of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. Een Noors volksliedje, geharmoniseerd door door een van de beste Noorse componisten Johan S. Svendsen. De instrumentatie voor brassband is van Nils Eivind Nicolaisen, tuba?st van the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

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    Sviskemedley - Various - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen wrote this medley to the 1992-93 Concert season for trumpeter Helge Haukas of The Norwegian Defence Band region West located in Bergen (today Norwegian Navy Band Bergen).Haukas choose thee titles in the "Sweet Trumpet" style suitable for any Entertainment concert. The result was this "Trumpet Sweets" medley consisting of the following three melodies:1. Gotlandsk sommernatt (A Summer night in Gotland)2. Estrellita3. Can't help falling in Love

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    The girl who sat on the hill - Norwegian Traditional - Fr. Schjelderup

    The girl who sat on the hill - Traditional - arr. Fredrick Schjelderup - 2'40'' - BVT078 A lovely arrangement of the Norwegian folktune 'Vetlejento sat i lauet ? tuska' which originates from the area around Bergen.

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    Aubade - Dawn Songs of the Fabulous Birds - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Commissioned by The Norwegian Band Federation for The European Brass Band Championship 2003, in Bergen, Norway (Third edition)I remember as a kid the very early morning wake-up ceremonies caused by Seagulls having a "party" outside our home. Very few would describe it as beautiful, particularly not at 4:30 in the morning...But by listening carefully to birds I was fascinated by their diversity and musical language: they dont sing tunes or long phrases, they rather make sounds and signals, based on short motives.Aubade is based on musical pictures of the imaginary birds: the creatures with wings that exists only in myths and legends.The whole story starts with a Baritone-cadenza that evoke all the sleeping creatures. Very soon they all start to sing their songs in one way or another.The composition has a burlesque scherzo-character including slow espressive intersections. Traditional elements like melody and harmony is combined with extensive sounds and textural effects created by use of multiple muting, singing and playing at the same time.I am not too concerned about having a program for the piece. I just know that by thinking of the unheard dragon-songs, griffin-songs, the sound of the dodo, my creativity was stimultated.As a piece of music, Aubade follows its own rules based on well-known elements like melodies, arpeggio-figures, harmonies, rhythms, variations and recapitulation of ideas.- Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen -

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    Valdresmarsj - Johannes Hanssen - John Philip Hannevik

    Valdres is a mountain region that lies between Oslo and Bergen. Johannes Hanssen (1874-1967) composed the march for the Valdres Battalion between 1901 and 1904, using the Battalions horn-signal combined with a traditional style folk-tune.The march has been named "one of the greatest marches in the world" on many occasions, and it is a firm favourite with it's national flavor and unusual style.This version is similar to Johannes Hanssens revised version for Wind Band from 1954. However, it is interesting to notice that in Hanssens very first version of the march half a century earlier, the first theme was played by the Eb-Cornet, just like in this arrangement for brass band.

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    I Byen Samarkand - Nordstoga - Svein H. Giske

    Odd Nordstoga is an award winning Norwegian artist who has been active since the 1990's, working in the popular-/folk music genre.I have listened to a lot of Odd Nordstogas music, in particular the Heim te mor-album.When preparing for Askoy Brass Band's participation at Siddis Brass in 2008, I came across I byen Samarkand, another of Nordstogas tunes. This was from the Pilegrim album. I thought it had an exciting mix of expressions and included it in the band's repertoire for the Siddis Brass competiton.Pilegrim was initially a commision by the Bergen International Festival back in 2005, based on lyrics by author Ragnar Hovland and Odd Nordstoga's music.- Svein H. Giske -

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    Ritual - Geir Sundbo

    Ritual describes a ceremony, with its different parts and moods.The main theme, presented by the solo cornet, comes in different variations throughout the piece. The form of the work is an "one-movement-suite", with several presentations (as it often occurs in rituals).The work was commissioned by BrassWind-festival/Manger Musikklag and was premiered in Bergen September 28th, 2014.

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