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    Be Still my Soul

    Be Still my Soul is a Christian hymn taken from Jean Sibelius' tone poem, Finlandia, written in 1899 and 1900. In this arrangement by James McFadyen, Be Still my Soul is written in a new colourful style whilst retaining the beautiful aesthetic of the hymn.Performance Hints & TipsFocus on creating a warm broad sound, especially when the timbre comes from the full band colour as a whole.Look closely at the voicing of the chords; there are several very subtle harmonic moments, including the use of delayed suspensions. This is evident in some of the horn writing.There are many times, particularly in the latter half, where the use of ascending/descending scales, suspensions and tetrachords all play a significant part of propelling the music in a forward direction. Ensure these phrases are well balanced within the band sound; being subtle in a few places and bringing them into the foreground in others.The chord voicing are often very close, meaning that the dissonant notes are a very short distance (often a semitone away) from a consonant note. For this reason, the general balance of intonation and tuning should remain a top priority for conductors.Community bands should definitely not be discouraged in performing this brass band arrangement, in fact many such bands of this standard have performed Be Still my Soul in concert and on the contest stage with great results, such as Whitworth Vale & Healey Youth Brass Band with their performance at the NWABBA Youth Championships on 22nd October 2016. Conductors will achieve beautiful results by ensuring that performers are encouraged to play with confidence and put their trust in the note combinations.

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    Twelve Scripture-Based Songs Volume XIII

    Twelve scripture-Based Songs arranged for Brass Band (Volume XIII) are packaged and marketed in complete sets which include a full score and a set of master parts. It is intended that these parts be used as 'masters', for the purpose of photocopying a quantity of parts to accommodate the precise instrumentation needs of the band for which this has been purchased.Faithful One Brian Doerksen arr. Mervyn ClarkeHide me now (Still) Reuben Morgan arr. Paul SharmanI know he rescued my soul (My redeemer lives) Reuben Morgan arr. Dean JonesI will praise you Lord, with all my heart Dick KrommenhoekI will worship (You alone are worthy of my praise) David Ruiss arr .Dean JonesJesus shall take the highest honour Chris Bowater arr. Steven PonsfordThe candle of the Lord Joy Webb arr. Michael KenyonThe way it's gonna be Doug Horley arr. Dean JonesThere is an endless song (How can I keep from singing?) Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Ed Cash arr. Brian HoggWhen the spirit of the Lord (Dance like David) Anon arr. Andrew MackerethYour grace still amazes me Craig Phillips and Dean Phillips arr. David E JonesZephaniah's Song (I've found the pearl) arr. William Himes

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