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    Ave Maria

    This modern setting for brass band is realised in grand and epic proportions. Opening as a flugel solo, with accompanying chords and an absolutely delicious rolling descending scale pattern on muted cornets, your audience has no idea this arrangement of Ave Maria is about to be given some kick into the 21st Century.

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    Ave Maria - Johann Sebastian Bach, Charles Gounod - Ray Farr

    There have been several settings of this Roman Catholic prayer to music, with the Bach/Gounod version being the most famous. It consists of the first prelude of Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier plus a melody that Gounod wrote over this. Gounod himself called the piece 'Meditation', and it was only later that the words of Ave Maria were fitted. This reflective arrangement for Cornet and Brass Band is by one of our most gifted arrangers, Ray Farr.

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  • £19.99

    Ave Maria - Vocal Solo with brass band - Bach/Gounod - Andrew Wainwright

    An arrangement of Bach/Gounod's popular song, as performed by ITV's Britain's Got Talent star Faryl Smith. Here it is arranged for soprano voice with brass band accompaniment.'You kind of melt when you hear this..'. Tim Mutum, British Bandsman magazine

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    Ave Maria - Flugel Horn & Brass Band

    The wonderful composition from Caccini arranged for Flugel Horn and Brass Band by Peter Ratnik

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    Ave Maria - Gounod, C

    Includes a full band set (no score)

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