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    As the Deer - Martin Nystrom - Andrew R. Mackereth

    As the Deer is a well-known praise and worship song by Martin Nystrom. Written in 1984, this song is based on Psalm 42:1.. "As the hart panteth after the water brooks, o panteth my soul after thee, O God.

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    Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting and forests. In western art she is often pictured with deer, lions or bears with a bow in her hand. The tempo of this march is stately and the themes are "concertante" in character making Artemis best suited as a concert march rather than a street march. Technically this march is not too difficult although at times some dexterous fingering is necessary. The trio melody is especially lyrical and offers various sections within the band the possibility to show off their skill in playing the expressive melody. This excellent new concert march is sure to become a classic and be performed time and time again.

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