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    Vengeance - Cai Isfryn

    Tonnau'r Cawr (Vengeance) is the first in a series of compositions for Brass Bands by Cai Isfryn, based on the tale from Welsh mythology of Branwen, the Welsh goddess of love.During this segment of the tale, Bendigeidfran (Branwen's brother) finds out about his sister's mistreatment at the hands of her husband, Matholwch, king of Ireland. This is represented by the thunderous opening chords, which break out into a fast paced romp, underlined by the ostinato phrase by the back row as Bendigeidfran gathers the Welsh army ready to rescue his sister. As the tension builds, Bendigeidfran suddenly hears Branwen's cry for help clear in his mind, represented by the off-stage cornet piece. This sets the scene for the closing section as we hear Bendigeidfran's army approaching Ireland, preparing for war in order to free their princess.

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