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    Le Tricot Rouge Concert march for wind band

    Probably intended for Salvation Army use, this march has proved very popular since it was first published. The red jersey of the title refer to the colour of the shirts of the Tewit Youth Band,Harrogate, where Heaton lived and worked for over 30 years. It could also refer to the colour of thered jerseys worn for many decades by young people in The Salvation Army. Heaton's musical joke inthis march occurs towards the end, where the band's drummers threaten to bring the march to a stop.This fine arrangememnt for wind band has been prepared by Alastair Wheeler Grade 4Duration: 3 minsScore and parts: ?55 plus postage and packing Score: ?10

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    Moulin Rouge - Georges Auric - Jan Valta

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    Toro Rouge - Groba

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    Le Tricot Rouge - Wilfred Heaton

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    Can - Can - Jacques Offenbach - Gavin Somerset

    The gallop from Offenbach's overture to "Orpheus In The Underworld" is one of the most famous finales to any classical piece of music. Used countless times from pop music to Moulin Rouge dancers, the piece has become a favourite encore/finale item. Now arranged by Gavin Somerset to be playable by lower section bands, and with some extra parts to really liven the item up, this piece is sure to leave your audience wanting more. A perfect finisher for any concert.

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    JOURNAL OF PHILEAS FOGG, The (Brass Band - Extra Score) - Graham, Peter

    2016 National Championships Regional Testpiece - 3rd Section.The novels by Jules Verne have been a rich source of inspiration for composers over the years. Graham has taken elements of the epic work Around the World in Eighty Days as the outline for a series of adventures recorded in an imaginary diary by the hero of the story, Phileas Fogg.Commencing with London bells in the background, the ensuing journey takes our hero by boat train to Paris (passing the Moulin Rouge en route), Russia (where he is chased by Cossacks), Vienna at night, Spain (where he is a spectator at a bull fight) before a final circumnavigation by sea (where we hear hints of foreign lands) brings him back to London with rich memories of his trip.The Journal of Phileas Fogg was commissioned by Dr Nicholas Childs for the National Children's Brass Band of Great Britain and was first performed by them in July 2012, conducted by Dr Robert Childs.

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