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    Lament (from Macbeth) - Peter Meechan

    Macbeth was commissioned by the Scottish Brass Band Association for the 2007 Scottish Open Championship, and takes itsa?? inspiration from the Shakespeare play of the same name.The Lament is the central, emotional core to the work. Although the play tells of Macbeth not feeling the pain of his wifea??s death, this lament ponders not only her death, but the tale as a whole.

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    Lament - Ben Hollings

    Lament was written for the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band's programme of music at the 40th Brass in Concert Championships at the Sage, Gateshead.The programme, based upon the Great Fire of London, tells the story of the fire in 1666. There were between 8-10 deaths recorded as a result of the fire, however once the damage of the fire was realised, the death toll was expected to be much higher. Lament pays tribute to those that lost their lives in the fire, where the reduced brass ensemble is a reflection of the number of lives lost. The piece allows for a moment of reflection in a programme based on such terror and panic.

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    Irish Widow's Lament - Brass Band

    Soulful lament arranged for Brass Band by Alex McGee

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    Lament - Stabat Mater - Karl Jenkins - Arranged & Edited Childs & Wainwright

    Karl Jenkins' Stabat Mater, a large scale work for orchestra and chorus, received its premiere in Liverpool Cathedral to great commercial and critical acclaim in 2008. With the composer's blessing, the beautiful Lament from this emotive work was arranged and edited especially for David Childs' award winning solo CD Moto Perpetuo.

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    Lament for Brass - Andrew Duncan

    Commissioned for an entertainment contest by Kingdom Brass this beautiful piece provided an ideal contrast to the programme and was extremely well received by audience and adjudicators alike.If you are looking to bring emotion and an element of lament to your concert programme to demonstrate the fantastic beauty of harmonies and tranquility that can be achieved by a brass band, this new release is an ideal choice.

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    Lament For Audrey - Len Jenkins - Len Jenkins

    Lament for Audrey was written by Len Jenkins for the funeral of a dear friend and supporter of Woburn Sands Band, and was played to accompany the entry of her coffin. Audrey is best remembered as a character, who, like many "women of a certain age", could be quite outspoken and innocently puncture the formality of a situation without realising the humorous and endearing effect of her actions. The piece is scored for quintet and the Bb Baritone may be replaced by Bb Euphonium or Bb Trombone with a commensurate shift in overall tonal quality.

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    Lament from MacBeth - Meechan Peter

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    DOYLE'S LAMENT - Peter Graham

    Solo for Flugel Horn (or Cornet Bb); 4th Movement from Call of the Cossacks.

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    The Ellis Island Lament - Traditional

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