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    Concerto For Tuba (Piano)

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    Preludes for Pachyderms (C Tuba Or Eb Bass and Piano)

    Eb Bass or C Tuba and Piano

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    Tuba Concerto (Tuba Solo with Piano Reduction)

    The emphasis is on musicality, and the two contrasting movements investigate the under-exploited lyrical side of the instrument as well as allowing soloists to show their technical prowess.ABRSM Grade: 7-8Duration: 13:00

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    Czardas (Eb solo with brass band) - Vittori Monti

    Andrew Duncan has arranged this witty version of Vittori Monti's famous gypsy violin feature as a solo for Eb Bass/Tuba with brass band accompaniment, including a challenging (but optional!) showcase cadenza.Suitable for aspiring or advanced players, this piece is provided in print as a full score and band parts (solo parts are provided in both treble and bass clef).Also available as Eb Bass/Tuba solo with piano accompaniment; Bb Bass/Euphonium solo with piano accompaniment; and Eb Bass/tuba solo with quintet.Discography:Quintet version recorded by Halle Brass (Furioso)

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    Oubliette - Lucy Pankhurst

    Lucy Pankhurst has created a highly immersive solo for Tuba/Eb Bass with brass band accompaniment, aiming and succeeding in showing the lyrical and technical diversity of the tuba, demanding virtuoso brilliance and clarity in performance.Dedicated to tuba player Edd Leech, Oubliette raises the bar for tuba repertoire.Set includes score, brass band parts and solo parts for Eb Bass (TC) and Tuba (BC). Solo with piano accompaniment available separately.Programme notes from the composer, Lucy Pankhurst:From the French word oublier, meaning 'to forget', an oubliette was a form of dungeon used in the 14th century. A small, windowless room where someone is locked away to be forgotten and left to go mad.I initially chose this title for the piece as the Tuba is often forgotten as a solo instrument, when its versatility in performance should be celebrated. Oubliette showsThe work begins with desolate and sparse accompaniment with lamenting solo lines. The soloist has already been cast into the oubliette at this point and is beginning to wake from a somnolent state. Reality is blurred through the darkness of the chamber - the only entrance is a hatch in the ceiling, far out of reach.Memories are confused by countless hours of solitude - hallucinations and paranoia tainting reality. Gradually, the soloist remembers images from the past and gains confidence and strength. Long forgotten by the captors, or presumed dead in the chamber, the entrance hatch suddenly opens to allow another prisoner inside. The soloist seizes the opportunity for escape and a short battle ensues. Sword and fist fighting, perilous leaps over the entrances to more dungeons and fierce battle cries are futile, as the soloist suddenly realises they are alone in the oubliette once more and the skirmish was nothing but another dream.The piece concludes with unaccompanied soloist in the low register, sinking deeper into the shadows of the windowless prison; are they accepting their fate, or merely lying in wait for another chance of escape, if one will ever come . . .

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    Episodes and Echoes - Peter Meechan

    Episodes and Echoes is a concerto in three movements for tuba. The title of the work relates directly to the way the composer approached writing the piece.aAlthough the work is scored with piano and wind band accompaniments, Episodes and Echoes was originally written for tuba and brass band. I had several problems to overcome - the brass band contains 4 tubas, and 2 euphoniums, all of which could obscure the solo line, so I decided to write for the soloist in a manner that meant they were either playing alone, in episodes, or repeating/echoing phrases.aIn addition to this, the composer combined the characteristics of the tuba with other instruments: in the second movement the tuba is similar to a singer performing an aria and a recitative, and third movement a bass guitar.Episodes and Echoes was commissioned by, and dedicated to, Les Neish who premiered the work in 2005, accompanied by the Beaumaris Brass Band, conducted by Gwyn Evans.

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    Finale from Symphony No.3 (Organ Symphony) (Brass Band) Additional Parts

    Saint-Saens' magnificent Finale from Symphony No.3 (widely known as the 'Organ Symphony') has here been arranged for brass band with optional organ by Kevin Norbury. It was recorded by The International Staff Band on its CD Manuscripts, although this version has been revised in places. Saint-Saens decided to add the organ and piano to his 3rd symphony as a pragmatic orchestration innovation. The composition of this symphony was probably started in 1885 and a first draft was completed in Prague in 1886. Saint-Saens later recalled its eventful genesis: 'The Symphony in C was three-quarters sketched out when I found it impossible to write the finale. I did not know how to resolve this situation, until one night I suddenly woke up and, in a sort of hallucination, I heard the whole finale, which I hastily wrote down in outline, knowing that if I went back to sleep without having put anything on paper, I would have forgotten it all the next day.' The symphony was first performed under the composer's direction at Saint James's Hall in London on May 19, 1886. This arrangement by Kevin Norbury can both function as a stand-alone brass band piece, and be performed with an organ by omitting the notes found in square brackets in the parts and score. To view a rolling score video please visit PDF download includes additional parts as listed below. Full set including score available here. Sheet music available from: UK - USA - Difficulty Level: 1st Section + Length: 8.30 mins. Alternative Parts included in this download: Solo Horn F 1st Horn F 2nd Horn F 1st Baritone B.C. 2nd Baritone B.C. 1st Trombone B.C. 2nd Trombone B.C. Euphonium B.C. Tuba 1 B.C. (Bass Eb equivalent) Tuba 2 B.C. (Bass Bb equivalent)

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    Dashing away with the smoothing iron - Ray Steadman-Allen

    The composer writes... A lighthearted arrangement of an old folk song. The style is generally bright with a short, slower change of pace in the middle. En route there are a couple of quotations which got into the music almost unbidden: a fragment of one of Mozart's horn concerti and 'A-hunting we will go'. '... a splendid concert piece for advanced tuba players.' WINDS Autumn 2008 Duration: c.3:00 Also available with piano or concert band.

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    Eb Solos Album

    Includes: The old rustic bridge; Celestial Morn; An Irish melody; High Fidelity; Rhapsody for tuba; Glory to his name; The Queen of the night's aria; Only one intention; Jesus loves me (duet); Have thine own way, Lord; Teach me; Aria from 'The Magic Flute'; A very happy day; Precious JesusInstrumentation: Solos for Eb Soprano Cornet, Eb Tenor Horn & Eb Bass with Piano Accompaniment

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    A Thomas Hardy Trilogy | Brian Daniels

    A Thomas Hardy Trilogy was originally written for an erstwhile pupil of the composer who sang many of Britten's songs based on Hardy, and was scored for Crumhorn and Piano.The movements in the piece are intended to reflect the titles of the novels by word association.Trumpet Major (an NCO responsible for Trumpeter discipline) refers to the character John Loveday, and the piece has a slightly melancholy inner section to depict Hardy's rather dour manner.The mood of Tess speaks for itself, the poor creature baptised with bad luck.Under the Greenwood Tree is a romantic novel involving choirs and instrumentalists with a pastoral flavour, and The Maypole Dance is a hint of the culminating wedding ceremony knees up!Instrumentation 1st Trumpet 2nd Trumpet Horn in F Trombone TubaISMN: 979-0-708127-93-2

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