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    Time Eternal - Christopher Bond

    Time Eternal (2011) was written as a showcase for band in the form of a seven-minute journey which demonstrates the ability of the band and its soloists. Time Eternal (2011) was written as a showcase for band in the form of a seven-minute journey which demonstrates the ability of the band and its soloists. As the title suggests, the idea of time is important in the work, with bell-like gestures forming the opening and closing sections. Rhythmic material is heard, often juxtaposing more lyrical passages, sometimes with dramatic percussion or semiquaver running accompaniments in the cornets.A slow and expressive middle section hears soloistic contributions from the flugel horn and euphoniums, as well as fuller tutti passages, before a return to the energetic tempo of the opening where material is heard again, often presented in different ways with a real sense of drive through to the close.

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    Trevithick - Christopher Bond

    A March for Brass Band, Written for Camborne Trevithick Day Committee in celebration of the town's 30th Trevithick DayTrevithick (2013) is a march for brass band, written on the occasion of Camborne's 30th Trevithick Day celebration which saw six Cornish brass bands parade through the streets one after the other, performing the work. Structured as any traditional march is with the bass solo forming the central section, the work is formed from both existing Cornish tunes such as Trelawny and Camborne Hill, as well as original material.

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    Light - Fr. Schjelderup

    Light - Fredrick Schjelderup - 3'15'' - BVT079 'Light' is a short concert piece written in 2008 and includes melodic themes, technique passages and solos. The main 'Light'-theme is written by two friends, processed and orchestrated by Fredrick Schjelderup. The piece works great as a concert opener or finale.

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    Sing Sing Sing (Score & Parts) (Brass Band/Score & Parts) - Louis Prima

    , written in 1936 by Louis Prima, has become one of the definitive songs of the big band and Swing Era. Although written by Prima, it is often most associated with Benny Goodman. Easily accessible to concert audiences due to its big beat and showy drum breaks structure, this arrangement by Mark Freeh is a welcome inclusion in any concert programme.

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    Summer Waltz (Training Band) - Andrew Stevenson

    Summer Waltz was written in 2010 for the newly formed Thurcroft Training Band. The piece was essentially written to expand the range of repertoire for the band. There is a recurring melody for the players to latch onto and a strong waltz feel throughout. I have tried to incorporate lots of different techniques and articulations into 'Summer Waltz' to give the players opportunities to practice basic techniques within a band situation. Even though it is quite challenging, the piece is manageable by beginners.Thurcroft Training Band recorded 'Summer Waltz' to go on Thurcroft Welfare Band's CD 'Best of British' which is available off their website:

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    Fanfare For Celebration - Keiron Anderson

    The original wind band version of Fanfare for a Celebration was written for the wind band of Dartington Summer School, under the direction of Paul Dummer. I created this brass version for Regent Brass Band in 2014 under the direction of Paul Archibald. I've also written versions for other brass ensembles which have been used at English Brass Academy courses. It is intended to be a short, exuberant celebration piece of moderate difficulty.

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    2nd Epitaph - Across the Water - Peter Meechan

    This piece, as the title suggests, is the second Epitaph I have written, the first being Epitaph (for Hillsborough). '2nd Epitaph - Across the Water' was written for the Fountain City Brass Band, who are from the USA, to perform on D-Day landing beaches in Normandy, France.The title has a double reference point - the water between the UK and France, across which many troops (from the UK and the USA amongst others) travelled in the Normandy invasions, and also the water between the UK (the home of the composer) and the USA (the home of the band).

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    Harry's Song - Peter Meechan

    Harry’s Song is the second movement of Origins, a concerto for euphonium. Happy and reflective in nature, the main melody was written on the evening that my closest friend, Mark Bousie (a fine euphoniumist himself), and his wife Jayne, had their first child - Harry Bousie. It seemed only fitting that this song should be written for Harry in celebration.

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    Manchester Concertino - Peter Meechan

    Manchester Concertino is a concertino in three movements for trumpet or cornet. It was written in late summer/early autumn in, as the title suggests, Manchester, UK.The first movement, Fanfare, was written for Belgian cornetist Harmen Vanhoorne, and explores the main musical idea behind the piece, a minor third. The loud fanfare gives way to a cadenza over a timpani roll, before a reprise of the opening fanfare.The second movement, Dream, was commissioned by Keith Johnson and is dedicated to Jess Tredrea. It is a slow, lilting, movement - almost as if the listener was hearing the piece through a summer haze.The final movement is simply titled Finale and is dedicated to Roger Webster. New material is fused with the fanfare from the opening movement leading to a climatic finish to the work.

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    Sentinel - Peter Meechan

    Sentinel was written in the summer of 2010 and follows on from another work by the composer, The Karman Line - a piece which describes the point where the earth's atmosphere ends and Outer Space begins.Sentinel goes further into space and takes the idea that the stars are somehow guardians of the sky that we can see, and Space further beyond.The opening section, which prominently features metallic percussion and broad melodies, portrays the grand open space that the stars inhabit. The middle, slower, section is more reflective depicting the isolation of Space, before we hear a reprise of the first section as the finale.Sentinel was written for the 2011 National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

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