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    Roses from the South Waltz - Johann Strauss

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    Emperor Waltz (Kaiserwalzer) - Johann Strauss

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    Sobre Las Olas - Juventino Rosas - Chris Gorman

    This is possibly one of the best-known tunes around the world and is speculated to heard in more motion pictures than any other song. However, if you asked someone to "name that tune", then most would probably struggle. This classic Waltz has mistakenly in the past thought to be Viennese and has frequently thought to be the work of Johann Strauss II. The music is the most famous work of the composer and has long been associated in the US with fair ground rides and trapeze artists. This arrangement of the original work by Chris Gorman makes a perfect classical "Overture" work for your concert program.

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    Using Your Mobile - Various - Stephen Tighe

    Its happened to most bands, in the middle of a quiet moment in the music, an audience member's mobile phone rings (or worse, a band members!!!). Now, all can be forgiven in the fantastic "tongue-in-cheek" piece of music. Based around the music of Johann Strauss, this lively arrangement pokes fun at the Grand Waltz (Nokia's preferred ring tone!), as well as some of the other often heard ring tones (William Tell etc). Fantastic entertainment value, working well in just about any concert.

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    Viennese Spirit - Phillip Littlemore

    This waltz was written to celebrate the wedding of Archduchess Gisela Louise Maria and Prince Leopold of Bavaria. The performance brought Strauss together with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time – they had dismissed him previously as a frivolous pop composer! Item Code: TPBB-084 Duration: 3'20" Grade: Suitalble for all

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