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    Voyage with the VOC - William Vean

    The Netherlands have been an important trading nation for a long time partly as a result of their geographical situation. One of the first multinationals in The Netherlands was the 'Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie' (VOC). The aim of the VOC was to send ships to Asia in order to buy pepper and spices, and to take over the Portuguese monopoly in this field. The Company was successful. An era of great prosperity resulted, in which the art of painting (Rembrandt van Rijn) as well as science (Constantijn Huygens) flourished alongside a thriving economy. 1. The Sails are set : There is a lot of hustle and bustle on the quay. The crew are preparing fordeparture. Goodbyes are said and once the sails have been hoisted the ship sets out to sea.2. A Visit to the Rajah of Yogyakarta: After a voyage of many months the place of destination is reached. A visit to the Radja, the king of the area around Yokyakarta, follows. The dishes and beverages and the native culture in general are very pleasant after having been on a diet of ship's biscuit and water for such a long time.3. The Holds have been loaded: The holds have been loaded to the brim, and the voyage home can be begin!4. Death sails along: Life at sea is rough. not seldom did a sailor die of a tropical disease or scurvy. After a memorial service, the Captain would speak the words 'One, two, three, in God's name ...' and the body, wrapped in canvas, would be committed to the sea.5. A joyful homecoming: After many months of hardship coming home is perhaps the best part of the entire voyage. The quay is filled with people eager to give the crew a warm welcome.

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    Additional Score: 24.95On March 17 1923 my grandfather, John Graham, set sail from Glasgow Scotland on the TSS Cameronia, ultimately bound for the coal fields of West Virginia. As Europe struggled to recover from the aftermath of the war to end all wars a generation of young immigrants looked to the USA for the opportunity of improved prospects and a better life.Voyage to Worlds Unknown seeks to capture the mixture of emotions of this epic sea voyage and as such is unashamedly programmatic in character. The work follows a clearly defined timeline in five continuous sections:

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    SOLO VOYAGE (score) - Wyld, Simon

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    SOLO VOYAGE (score & parts) - Wyld, Simon

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    The Final Voyage - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    The Final Voyage was commissioned by Carole Crompton on behalf of Bolsover District Council.

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    Voyage, Voyage

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    Dawn of a Voyage (Coming Soon)

    Originally composed in 2015 for Jaren Hornmusikkforening, the work is presented here in its revised 2019 form, as performed at the Brass In Concert championships by the Flowers Band in their award-winning programme Captain Nemo's Forgotten Journal . Duration: 00:02:45 Grade: 5/5.5

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    EASTERN VOYAGE (score) - McKenzie, Jock

    Also contains parts for orchestral brass.

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