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    Trevithick - Christopher Bond

    A March for Brass Band, Written for Camborne Trevithick Day Committee in celebration of the town's 30th Trevithick DayTrevithick (2013) is a march for brass band, written on the occasion of Camborne's 30th Trevithick Day celebration which saw six Cornish brass bands parade through the streets one after the other, performing the work. Structured as any traditional march is with the bass solo forming the central section, the work is formed from both existing Cornish tunes such as Trelawny and Camborne Hill, as well as original material.

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    MYTHIC TREVITHICK! (Brass Band) - Richards, Goff

    Composed to mark the 200th anniversary of Richard Trevithick's momentous first journey in his steam locomotive. This event took place in the cornish town of Camborne, and it was 200 years later in 2001 that composer Goff Richards conducted massed local bands in the first performance of MYTHIC TREVITHICK! Following work in South America, Trevithick returned to his native Cornwall and, it is reputed, all the church bells rang out to greet him, an effect captured in the final bars of the piece. Duration: 4' 00' Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL222D And the Band Played On

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    The Puffing Devil - Christopher Bond

    For Children's Choir & Brass Band, commissioned by Camborne Trevithick Day Committee in celebration of the town's 30th Trevithick DayThe Puffing Devil (2013) was commissioned by Camborne Trevithick Day Committee on the occasion of Camborne's 30th Trevithick Day celebration. The premiere performance of the work, written for brass band and children's choir, saw a massed performance by six brass bands and children from nine local schools. With the intention of being an educational work as well as a musical work, The Puffing Devil reflects the story of Richard Trevithick both in the lyrics and the musical material.A mysterious opening sees running semiquavers in the euphoniums as the flugel horn introduces the work with a solo, before the entry of the horns playing rhythmic quavers. The addition of the voices at the outset is for effect - working with the instruments to create the sound of a steam engine gathering pace simply to the words 'Trevithick'. Once a steady tempo is reached, themes are introduced and sung by the choir, where the vocal writing is a very simple singular-melody; easy for any primary school aged children to learn. An ending of grandeur in a majestic nature is presented, to create a big finish to a feel-good educational work.

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