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    Sinfonietta - James Curnow

    Sinfonietta for Brass Band is basically a short symphony in three movements. The maestoso opening of the first movement introduces the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic material from which the entire work is structured. The first movement, allegro vivace, is a brilliant capriccio built upon two contrasting melodic lines that are developed throughout the movement. The form is sonata-allegro and it creates an atmosphere of energy and drive. The percussion section opens the second movement and presents the underlying rhythmic ostinato on which this brief but expressive siciliano (pastorale) is developed. Movement three is a rollicking rondo that challenges the technical and rhythmic control of the whol;e ensemble. The brilliant closing fanfare is based on material which has been developed in all three movements.

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    Sinfonietta no. 1 - Johan de Meij

    Sinfonietta No. 1, written for brass band, was commissioned by the Dutch National Championships 2011 in Groningen. It also served as the test piece for the Swiss National Championships 2011 in Montreux, Switzerland. Unlike most of Johan de Meij's compositions, Sinfonietta No. 1 is an abstract, non-programmatic work. It consists of three movements, in which the thematic material of the opening measures - an upward fifth jump - returns in various shapes and forms throughout the piece. The slow middle section features solo passages by cello, English horn and bassoon, all starting with the same fifth jump. The final movement presents an Elgar-like march theme, interspersed with quotes from the second movement, and ending with the opening theme of movement I.

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    SINFONIETTA No 1 (Brass Band)

    Johan de Melj's second original composition for brass band written for the 3rd division of the Dutch National Championships 2011

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