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    Christmas Jig (The Tobique)| trad. arr. David Stowell

    Played by the fabulous Cory Band in their 2016 Christmas series, this lively piece is a real audience pleaser. It brightens up a Christmas concert and is an arrangement of two dances; Christmas jig, in 6/8 time, and a reel in 4/4, based on the traditional French Canadian folk song; 'The Mouth of the Tobique'.The basses have a vital role in creating a Celtic style drone sound, and the percussion a simple but effective Irish rhythm. A great audience pleaser, and ideal as the encore to round off a concert and leave a lasting memory in the minds of the listeners.Instrumentation Full Brass Band Percussion (x2): 1. Timpani 2. Bass Drum, Drum Kit, Tom-tomsISMN: 979-0-708127-41-3

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    Neath the Dublin Skies - Paul Lovatt-Cooper - -

    'Neath the Dublin Skies was written for David Childs and first performed by him with Cory Band during their tour of Ireland in September 2007. The music is certainly Irish in nature featuring an atmospheric introduction, ornamented reel, lyrical melody and a high-spirited jig. With multi-phonics and lip glissandi amongst the challenges set for the soloist, the music is a lot of fun to perform and a welcome addition to the euphonium solo repertoire. 'Neath the Dublin Skies can be heard on the CD Celtic Charm (DOYCD214) on which the performers are David Childs and Cory Band.

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    Reels and Jigs - Darrol Barry - -

    Reels and Jigs was composed by Darrol Barry especially for David Childs. The title alludes to the musical content of the work but, with tricky rhythms, florid finger work and extended passages in the high register, it is a far cry from a simple reel or jig! It is, however, a great deal of fun and has already proved popular with audiences.Reels and Jigs can be heard on the CD Celtic Charm (DOYCD214) on which the performers are David Childs and Cory Band.

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    SCOTS MISCELLANY, A (Brass Band Set - Score and Parts) - Fernie, Alan

    National Finals of the British Brass Band Championships 2009 2nd Section test piece. A Suite in 3 Movements: The Smiling School for Calvanists; Regards to G. Robin Henderson, Esq. of Caithness; John Whyte's Reel.

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    Swedish Festival Music (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Downie, Kenneth

    This three-movement suite was commissioned by the Swedish Brass Band Association as the test piece for the Championship Section of their 2008 National Contest. The first movement is inspired by the magnificent Swedish hymn 'How Great Thou Art'. Indeed the influence of that hymn can be traced in all three movements. The declamatory style of the opening gives way to other, more reflective expressions of awe and wonder. A more animated section develops before a final, triumphant statement of the 'How Great' idea returns to finish the movement. The slow second movement features another much-loved Swedish hymn. The music provides plenty of scope for expressive playing, and a feeling of intimacy should be created by the use of several short solo passages. The third movement Allegro brings a totally different, dance-like mood with frequent references to a reel from the region of Uppland. This eventually brings a return to the opening subject and a final, triumphant reference to 'How Great Thou Art'.

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