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    Echoes of Goff - Gavin Somerset

    There is little doubt in anyone's mind that Goff Richards' music enriched the Brass Band repertoire with his colourful and imaginative arrangements and compositions. Composer, Gavin Somerset was encouraged when younger by Goff, to write for Brass Bands after they had worked on an arrangement together. Following the passing of Goff back in 2011, this melodic, yet powerful work that reflected upon two of Goff's popular compositions for band, Pastorale & Country Scene, was composed. Seven years on, this work is only now being released and provides an emotional music tribute, which both players and audiences will enjoy over and over again.

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    Pastorale - Goff Richards

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    PASTORALE (Brass Band) - Richards, Goff

    Beautiful cornet intro and conculsion. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL228D Master Brass (Volume 19)

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