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    St. Louis Blues - William C. Handy - Oystein S. Heimdal

    This song was composed by W. C. Handy and published in 1914.The style is typical blues and it has been a standard for jazz-musicians for decades.Many famous musicians and singers has recorded- and performed it. Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Count Basie and Glenn Miller are among the greatest ones.This arrangement switch between 6/8 and 2/4 time signature bur the tempo is the same throughout the piece. The arrangement is suitable for both marching and concert purpose. When performed at a concert, the drum kit can be used instead of separate snare drum, bass drum and cymbals.

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    Bjorns Marsj - Oystein Sjovaag Heimdal

    This march is well suited for small and larger marching bands. You may perform it both on stage and on parade.The march is a honour to all parents of the Norwegian school bands and especially dedicated to Bjorn Aarvold and the other passionate parents of Tjome skolemusikk.Level of difficulty is 2.

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    Eventyr-Suite - Oystein Sjovaag Heimdal

    Fairytale-Suite is an original work for beginning band. The name of the movements are taken from well-known themes from Norwegian fairytales.The music may not tell a story itselv, but it may be a good base for an exciting fairytale on a concert?This piece gives challenging parts to every player and it's a good choice to showcase the entire band.To the conductor:It's several doublings of the voices. This makes it possible to omit certain instruments or parts. The Drum Set part may be split and played by several players.

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    En bitte liten funklende stjerne - Numme-Borg - Oystein S. Heimdal

    This song written by Yngvar Numme and Benny Borg was made popular by Norwegian group Dizzie Tunes on one of their Christmas-albums.This arrangement is based on the Dizzie Tunes version and features the original solo for trumpet or cornet.The Drum Set part is optional so one can perform the arrangement without this part.

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    Dancing Trolls [Norwegian Dance] - ?ystein Olsen Vadsten

    "Dancing Trolls" is a sequel to "The Battle of the Hats", which was published in 2015. Like "The Battle of the Hats", "Dancing Trolls" is a piece of music based on Norwegian traditional dances. This time around,its the reinlender dance which takescentre stage.The music is composed by Oystein Olsen Vadsten who keeps the strong melodic and tempo, which is dear to this kind of dance. Admittedly given a make-over with a more rhythmic accompaniment and more exciting harmonization.Thismakes it a fun piece, both to Listen to and play. The reinlender dance derives from the Rhineland in Germany,and is also known as the German Polka.To the conductor:Because this is a dance form whichis dependent on the right "swing",it is of great importance to keep as close to the metronome mark as possible. A steady groove, primarily specified by the drum set, is also essential for a good result. Remember to keep a good balance between the melody carrying instruments and theaccompaniment. Good luck and have fun with this "crazy" little tune.

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    Hoppeslatt - ?ystein Olsen Vadsten

    This is an original piece of music composed by Oystein Olsen Vadsten, inspired by old Norwegian folk dances. "Jumpety Jump" actually started out as a "reinlender" (Norwegian Folk Dance) which origins from Rhinland. The reinlender is well disguised in this arrangement by adding the shuffle- and swing style to it. The piece is first of all meant as a "happy go lucky" tune, but is full of rhythmical and technical challenges. Its put up as a jazz-tune, first presenting the melody, then "improvisasations" by the different instrument groups, before going back to the first theme. The title "Jumpety Jump" refers to the kind of jumping feeling the shuffle groove gives.

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