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    A New Dawn - Christopher Bond

    Tenor Horn Solo with Brass BandA New Dawn (2013) was commissioned by and written for British tenor horn virtuoso Owen Farr in late 2013, to provide the title track of his new CD album. With a specific brief, the work was to include a bold ear-catching fanfare-esque opening to bring maximum impact to the opening of the album, before settling in a rhythmic groove which allows the new tempo and reduced texture to settle before the entry of the tenor horn, who’s initial four bar motif is what forms the basis of much of the work. Following this, structurally, the work follows with a set of variations, carefully demonstrating the capabilities of the instrument and indeed the player. Bar 90 sees the return of the bold opening gestures, this time followed with a harmonic transformation, before a recapitulation at bar 120 which sees a return to the original tenor horn material and an increase in intensity, volume and virtuosity through to the close.A New Dawn was premiered by Owen Farr and the Cornwall Youth Brass Band on 30th December 2013, and was recorded by Owen and the Cory Band in March 2014, featuring as the title track on his CD release of the same name.

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    Do Dat Thing - Harry Connick Jr. - Reid Gilje

    Harry Connick Jr. is an American pianist, singer, composer and actor from New Orleans. He has released many albums and perform frequently with his own big band."Do Dat Thing" is a real "feel-good" song composed in New Orleans style.The tempo must not be too fast. A kind of rough, heavy groove is preferred.When staccato is notated, the 8th notes have to be straight. The notations in the Drums-part is optional. From 35, the rhythm in the bass-line is meant as information for the musician.Be aware of the dynamics from the beginning (not too loud) to give it a "lift" at the end of the piece.

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