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    H.M.S Pinafore Overture - Arthur Sullivan - Gavin Somerset

    The collaborations of Gilbert & Sullivan have given us some of the most memorable music in history. The overture to the H.M.S pinafore is a lively, foot tapping introduction to the comic opera, first performed in 1878. With wonderful melodies and band parts to keep every player entertained, this makes a great alternative to the challenging Italian overtures so often played. This piece has been skilfully arranged and can be played by most levels of bands.

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    Brass Monkeys Jazz Workout - Paul H Traves

    This huge release brings together a selection of music composed by Paul H Traves that introduces your learners to the different style of Jazz that is available. Naturally, the rhythmic work required to play such styles means that this publication will push your learners on and will challenge them at a new level. Syncopation and swing are at the heart of the music in this collection and it is the perfect way to get your learners playing in new styles not always covered by training band music. This title offers excellent value for money with seven titles included. This publication features:SNAKES & LADDERS - (teaching dynamics and expressive playing)CHROMATICS - (As the title suggest, ensuring every valve us used!)ROCKIN' GERONIMO - (featuring triplets and accidentals)TRUMPET DRIFT - (introducing crotchet triplets & syncopation)J.B.'s 12 BAR BLUES - (a well-known style that feature sharp key signatures)J.B.'s CALYPSO (unison playing and tight rhythmic playing required)ZIG-ZAG (getting players into a lazy swing style)

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    Gallery - Full Band - H. Snell

    The commissioned test-piece for the Scottish Open Contest 2015, GALLERY was welcomed as a great success both by performers and audience. Containing seven movements, the work depicts the composer's response to a wide range of paintings and graphic works. Other products you may be interested in...TitleComposer/AuthorCategory/ScoringPriceDaphnis & Chlo: (The Second Suite)Ravel, M.�95.00Pines of Rome (Complete Version), TheRespighi, O.�82.00Waverley OvertureBerlioz, H.�85.00

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    Three Gentle Giants - Svein H. Giske

    Three Gentle Giantswas commissioned by Grenland International Brass Festival as a test piece for the 2nd division in 2008.Three Gentle Giants. The three giants each have their own monologue which leads into a conversation. They gather recognition and respect from each others views as the dialogue evolves. Eventually they find a more nutual and singular expression to their conversation.The giants are old with a long life behind them. This can be heard through a slow, melancholic waltz. A waltz is dance commonly linked to festiveoccasions, such as weddings, but for the giants it holds much more significance. It gives room to think about people they have met, placesthey have been, and all that life has given them.Quietly it ends, more or less like it began. We hear echoes of the past, before it all fades out.The giants wander off into a new beginning.Svein H. Giske- January 2023 -In Memoriam Thorvald, Finn and Thor Louis

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    The Hippodrome Galop - J. H. White

    The Hippodrome Galop by H. White is No. 5 in the first of a series of works called Distin's Brass Band Scores (see advertisement below), published in 1854 by Henry Distin. These publications represent an important stage in the history of bands in Britain.The purpose of this scholarly edition is to produce a performing version, clearing ambiguities and errors, that can be enjoyed by today's performers and listeners, bearing in mind the original function and context. At the same time the edition is an analytical, musicological study of one of the rare treasures of the brass band repertory.

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    Postcard from Riddings, A (The Two Windmills) - H. Snell

    This is very much a lively concert overture. Written to a commission from the Riddings Band, a pair of windmills... named 'Sarah and James' after the owner and his wife... were a notable landmark until burned down in suspicious circumstances and later demolished. Nothing more descriptive than rather circular musical motives connect these with the music. More in tune with the Shostakovitch Festival Overture or Bernstein's Candide Overture than the Derbyshire countryside!Other products you may be interested in...TitleComposer/AuthorCategory/ScoringPricePostcard from MexicoH. Snell�37.50Waverley OvertureBerlioz, H.�85.00

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    Var sang - Svein H. Giske

    Our song was commissioned by Knarvik Skolekorps for their junior band in 2020. They wanted an original piece that could challenge their young players.This became a suite in three movements with themes that run through the whole piece.In the 2. movement there is a possibility for the band to sing in Song of friendship.. Young people finding friendship through music, as I myself have done, is one of the nicest things one can experience, in my opinion.Should you choose not to sing, you can just play the notes as printed.Svein H. Giske-September 2022-

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    H.M. Jollies - Kenneth J. Alford

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    H.S.B. MARCH (Brass Band) - Richards, Goff

    Grade: easy/medium

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    Black Ven: Concert March - H. Snell

    Written for the Lyme Regis Town Band to play, this celebrates the composer's solving a long-standing mystery concerning his family's connection with Lyme Regis. Not only that but to equally celebrate the building of a special Pilot Gig racing boat built there. The title is the name of a notable local landmark.In order that as many bands as possible can enjoy what is frankly a fun piece of band music, the technical level demanded is reasonably within the grasp of most bands. It is in the long tradition of English ceremonial marches that started with Elgar and has continued to this day.Duration: 5 minutes

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