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    Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart - Steve Yorke

    It's 80's synth pop for brass with Eurythmics breakthrough hit.

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    Christmas Lederhosen - Lennox Rhodes - Len Jenkins

    As Christmas approaches, many of us in the UK and Europe will visit a 'German Christmas Market' (Weihnachtsmarkt) where the pervading atmosphere is a heady mixture of chocolate, honey and, of course, music. We are pleased to offer in that vein, a confection of various Christmas tunes with a typical 'Oompah' feel that will give atmosphere to your seasonal events without the need for a full band which can be difficult to field around the festive season. Enjoy! Graham

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    XMAZZ! - Lennox Rhodes - Len Jenkins

    You have to admit it, but standing there in the cold outside a supermarket at Christmas, playing to raise funds for your band or local charity, you could sometimes do with something to liven things up. Well here's a piece to get feet tapping (but please don't do that when playing on stage - leave that to the audience!). Comprising a medley of well-known and loved carols and festive pieces, the pace will keep you warm and make a welcome break from traditional carol tempos without losing the Christmas spirit. Hic! For practical reasons, XMAZZ! can easily be split into two parts with a mid-point where you can stop (or start) according to choice or demands of the occasion. Graham