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    Hymn of Faith - Louis Bourgeois

    The French composer Louis Bourgeois lived from c.1510 to 1560. Bourgeois was cantor in Geneva and, commissioned by John Calvin, he composed melodies for metrical (rhyming) versions of the psalms. After completing about a hundred one-part psalms, he made some four-part arrangements, which were denounced and even resulted in his imprisonment for a day. Later, Bourgeois published a number of psalm collections, and judging from his book Le droict chemin de musique he was also an excellent educator. The melodies Bourgeois composed, are (contrary to Gregorian chants) particularly suitable for community singing. This applies to his hymn tune Saint Michael, which is why this melody hasbeen used for various texts, written for many occasions. John Blanken made this arrangement for a wedding ceremony: an occasion in which faith and trust play a large - if not the largest - role. Hence the title Hymn of Faith. The arrangement contains four verses of the hymn. After a majestic opening the hymn follows twice, the second verse being embellished in the tenor register. After a short interlude verse three follows, played by a quartet. The majestic opening is then repeated as a modulation into the fourth verse, which concludes the work in a brilliant tutti.

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    Aurelia is a beautiful hymn that mostly moves by step, resulting in a melody that sits well on the ear. In the moments that the melody moves by leap, the effect is wanting in emotive power.In this brass band arrangement of Aurelia, James McFadyen has painted the band colours in a mellow and understated fashion, and unusually, there is no dynamic louder than mezzo-forte. This produces one of those rare brass band moments where hymn arrangements don't rise to a roaring finale. The effect is actually quite magical.

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    Lloyd, as a hymn tune, has become a brass band staple but there are few arrangements in circulation. James McFadyen is far from derivative in his approach, and this brass band arrangement of Lloyd from 2006 is no exception. Despite the musicality on show, the tune is not destroyed in contemporary art, but merely presented in neo-romantisim, where the tune is recognisable, yet there is something so new about the sound.There is much musicality for conductors to feast upon and train their band to perform with great musicianship.

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    All in the April Evening - Hugh S. Roberton - Len Jenkins

    All In the April Evening is a traditional classic hymn suitable for all Christian denominations. The music was composed by Sir Hugh S. Roberton who founded the Glasgow Orpheus Choir, and the definitive arrangement for brass band was later created by Eric Ball. This arrangement takes its inspiration from and pays homage to that work.Despite there being many different arrangements for a variety of voices and instrument numbers, the small brass group has been sadly neglected. This arrangement seeks to rectify that omission.The music is arranged for Brass Quintet with optional Glockenspiel and is printed in two formats, to be equally useful for indoor concerts and outdoor events or parades.