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    New for 2020! As recorded by Jim Hayes on his latest album, Edge of Forever, this arrangement of Shenandoah is a beautiful and epic solo for Bb cornet with brass band accompaniment.Shenandoah is a well-known American folk song and has been performed by a diverse range of artists, such as Bryn Terfel, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Nathan Gunn and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The song also goes by the name of Oh Shenandoah and less commonly, Across the Wide Missouri.The melody is steeped in a rich history and its meaning and usage during the 19th Century was varied and ambiguous. Shenandoah is generally thought of as a sea shanty but its melody is a far cry from the traditional rousing sea shanties we have all come to love.This brass band arrangement of Shenandoah was specifically written for Jim Hayes 2020 album, Edge of Forever. The arrangement is pleasantly mysterious with sumptuous warm textures and subtle part-writing. Intertwined in the arrangement, the arranger has made use of two Debussy piano pieces, namely The Girl with the Flaxen Hair and Reverie. The intertwining of all three melodies seamlessly combine to create an entirely new piece.

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    Dial M for Midnight (2011) - Matthew Hall

    Dial M for Midnight is a jazz-based solo for aspiring and accomplished cornet players alike. Technically not particularly demanding yet quite complicated rhythmically, Dial M allows players young and old to stand up and show off their skills in a work which has it’s roots in Latin America but travels through the late night smoke-filled jazz clubs along the way. Commissioned by Jim Hayes for his debut CD recording, Dial M is the title track. Nicknamed Jimmy Midnight, Jim Hayes has established himself as one of the leading cornet players in the world playing within the Scottish Co-Op Band. Dial M is a take on Jim’s persona and his love of jazz, the culmination of which ends up as a witty pastiche signature track of all things James Bond to Perry Mason.

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    Angels will Fall - James McFadyen

    Composed for Jim Hayes 3rd studio album of the same name, Angels will Fall is a cornet solo with a difference. It is the first-known brass band work to feature an EDM section, seamlessly-linked between the outer brass band movements.

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    Blue Mars - James McFadyen

    Blue Mars is a cornet solo in fast-slow-fast form, commissioned by Jim Hayes in 2009, subsequently recorded on BBC Radio 2's Listen to the Band and on Jim Debut album, Dial M for Midnight.Blue Mars will suit cornet players of an advanced standard, and a band that is comfortable reading and playing music with numerous time changes in compound time, such as 10/8 and 13/8.

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    Clair de Lune

    Clair de Lune is a well-known piano piece by French impressionist composer, Claude Debussy. In this new brass band arrangement, Clair de Lune is full of magic, warmth and drama.This cornet solo, as recorded by Jim Hayes on his Debut studio album, Dial M for Midnight, Clair de Lune will show-off your star principal cornet player, allow them to display their warm tone, control and musicality in this well-known piece.The arrangement itself is not a straight transcription as the arranger feels the original is a piano piece written specifically for the technique of the piano. Instead, a whole new sound world is created, with subtle harmonic devices, and some not-so-subtle harmonic devices, such as a Walton-style modal chord.One of the McFadyen techniques is in the sudden juxtaposition of extreme changes in style and tone, and this technique is heard to full effect in this brass band arrangement of Clair de Lune. This is particularly noticeable in the transition from the big and dark finale transitioning into the final closing bars; it's quite an extraordinary and heart-pounding effect that takes your breath away.The final bars are inspired from a track by Chris Botti, where he performs a long high note above the accompaniment.

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    Kill Day - James McFadyen

    Kill Day is a highly stylish triptych for cornet and brass band in fast-slow-fast form. Written especially for Jim Hayes' 2nd studio Album, a Second From Midnight, Kill Day is classical rock in all its brass band glory.A challenging work soloist, band and conductor, Kill Day is a fantastic concert hall item but can also be used to great effect on the contest stage, as has been the case at the Bolsover Contest in the UK in recent years.

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    Inspirit - Brass Band - Judith Hayes

    Inspirit was written to celebrate Bilton Silveras 125 years of music-making

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    Theme From Shaft - Isaac Hayes - Jan van Kraeydonck

    Main theme from the motion picture "Shaft"

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