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    Red Flame - Peter Meechan

    Red Flame was inspired by a night spent in Groningen, Netherlands, whilst Katrina and the composer were attending the 2005 European Brass Band Championships.Queens night was in full flow outside, but whilst we were inside, there was a kind of surreal calm. However, that all changed as soon as we headed into the centre of Groningen, where the streets were full of happy people, all singing and dancing (And drinking!).The title refers to one particular drink in a bar that came to us on fire!The work was commissioned by, and dedicated to, Katrina Marzella.

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    Creamy and Crispy - Marc Cunningham

    This composition of Marc Cunningham has four parts, and takes place on a sunny day in a picturesque town. 1. Promenade Many people walk through the city. The band passes through the streets. People are strolling along the avenues and amorous couples are sitting on a park bench. 2. Lovey Dovey One of these couples is knee-deep in love. 3. Crispy and Creamy Here the contrasts between a crisp staccato section in two-four time signature and a smooth legato section in three-four time signature are depicted. Is Crispy the boy and Creamy the girl? 4. Farewell In the last particle the couple says goodbye. We still think back to the walk through the city. It sounds a little less happy now. Not everyone is good at saying goodbye, sometimes a tear flows.

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