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    Thunk! - Lucy Pankhurst

    Inspired by rock-funk fusion, Thunk! is based on funk riffs and layers thereby experimenting with a style not freely associated with the brass band. Utilising the full range of the instrument, the soloist is presented with a devilishly difficult and mischievous part to play, with optional ad lib. parts allowing each soloist to be as wild and inventive as they dare! The work offers an intense and exciting stylistic challenge to band and soloist alike.Thunk! was premiered at the Stroud Festival 2007 by Lucy Pankhurst with Wingates Band.

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    Wall of Sound - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    A real 'feel-good' piece that mixes the genres of dance, jazz, rock and funk that is an ideal showcase for band and soloists. Commissioned by Dr Nicholas Childs and Philip Biggs for the National Children's Band of Great Britain 2010. Circa 7'20".

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