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    Finale from Symphony No.3 (Organ Symphony) (Brass Band) Additional Parts

    Saint-Saens' magnificent Finale from Symphony No.3 (widely known as the 'Organ Symphony') has here been arranged for brass band with optional organ by Kevin Norbury. It was recorded by The International Staff Band on its CD Manuscripts, although this version has been revised in places. Saint-Saens decided to add the organ and piano to his 3rd symphony as a pragmatic orchestration innovation. The composition of this symphony was probably started in 1885 and a first draft was completed in Prague in 1886. Saint-Saens later recalled its eventful genesis: 'The Symphony in C was three-quarters sketched out when I found it impossible to write the finale. I did not know how to resolve this situation, until one night I suddenly woke up and, in a sort of hallucination, I heard the whole finale, which I hastily wrote down in outline, knowing that if I went back to sleep without having put anything on paper, I would have forgotten it all the next day.' The symphony was first performed under the composer's direction at Saint James's Hall in London on May 19, 1886. This arrangement by Kevin Norbury can both function as a stand-alone brass band piece, and be performed with an organ by omitting the notes found in square brackets in the parts and score. To view a rolling score video please visit PDF download includes additional parts as listed below. Full set including score available here. Sheet music available from: UK - USA - Difficulty Level: 1st Section + Length: 8.30 mins. Alternative Parts included in this download: Solo Horn F 1st Horn F 2nd Horn F 1st Baritone B.C. 2nd Baritone B.C. 1st Trombone B.C. 2nd Trombone B.C. Euphonium B.C. Tuba 1 B.C. (Bass Eb equivalent) Tuba 2 B.C. (Bass Bb equivalent)

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    Finale from Leading Edge (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Wiffin, Rob

    This finale from the suite Leading Edge is particularly well-suited to brass band. The drums lead into the energetic, dance-like theme that announces the Finale. Although the use of minor keys persists in this movement, the atmosphere is energetic and vivacious. A number of themes are considered before the flugelhorn introduces the theme that will go through a number of guises before emerging later in triumphant form in the whole band. The foregoing tension is banished and the music ends in a spirit of positive affirmation.Duration: 4.15

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    Fanfares, Marches, Hymns and Finale (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Broughton, Bruce

    "Fanfares, Marches, Hymns and Finale" is a series of self-referential movements, each composed around an attitude expressed in the title rather than for any actual utilitarian use. Hence, it would be difficult to march to most of "Marches", although it is composed of martial rhythms and associative figures. One could, however, sing the pentatonic (five note) main theme from "Hymns", which is composed in an American folk-hymn style and set in an Atmosphere evocative of meditation and reflection, although there is no text associated with the themes. "Fanfares" is based upon an opening six-note motif first heard in unison. It precedes and announces the following three movements. As the plural aspect of the title indicates, "fanfares" open and close the movement itself. Needless to say, the spirited "Finale" brings the piece to a close. Duration: 11.00. Suitable for Championship Section Bands.

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    Finale from Symphony No. 4 - Pyotr Tchaikovsky arr. Phillip Littlemore

    Tchaikovsky began work on his Symphony No.4 in F minor in the early part of 1877, about the time he began his relationship with his long-term benefactor Nadezhda von Meck. The bulk of the composition was completed by the May of that year, although Tchaikovsky's hastily arranged marriage in the following July to Antonina Miliukova put further work on hold for a while.He returned to working on the symphony in the latter half of the same year, agonising over the orchestration of the much meatier first movement, yet finding the following movements less taxing. The Finale itself erupts with a fortissimo explosion before giving way to the Russian folk song, The Little Birch Tree , which offers much of the thematic material for the movement, until the return of the 'fate' theme from the opening of the symphony itself, which acts as a disturbing presence amongst the more carnival atmosphere of an otherwise buoyant Finale.Duration: 6'00"Difficulty: 2nd Section and above

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    Judd: Finale from Jazz Suite No. 2

    September 2017 Release Finale from Jazz Suite No.2 (Shostakovitch arr. Ian Jones)This exciting finale (March) written in 1938 will be a popular concert item and has all the hall-marks of Shostakovitchs energy and compositional craft.

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    Finale from Bruckner's 8th Symphony - Brass Band ~ DOWNLOAD - Bruckner

    This is an abridged version of the finale from BrucknerAaas 8th Symphony

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    A Christmas Finale - Paul Lovatt-Cooper - Christian Jenkins

    As the title suggests, A Christmas Finale provides an ideal close to any Christmas concert. Paul Lovatt-Cooper has taken a collection of popular works associated with Christmas and expertly crafted this wonderful piece to provide both the listener and performer...

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    FINALE FROM SYMPHONY No.4, Excerpts from (Brass Band Set) - Tchaikovsky - William Gordon

    Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote his fourth symphony in 1877 and 1878. It was first performed in the latter year conducted by Nikolai Rubenstein. Despite initial critical reaction, the symphony has become a staple of the orchestral repertoire and is one of the most frequently performed late 19th century symphonies. In the exciting finale, Tchaikovsky incorporates a famous Russian folk song, 'In the field stood a birch tree' as one of its themes.

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    Allegro con brio: FINALE from 7th Symphony - Beethoven, L. van

    Astonishing and ferocious perpetual motion, is the best way of describing this Finale. Technically? An Everest. Musically? Exhilarating. See the News section for a much fuller note about the piece and its history. Duration is around 5 to 7 minutes.

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    WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE, Finale from (Brass Band Set) - Rossini - Dean Goffin

    William Tell' was completed by Rossini in 1829 and was his final stage work. The finale from the opera's overture constitutes one of the most familiar pieces in classical music repertoire having been popularised as the theme from the 60's TV classic 'The Lone Ranger'. This transcription for brass band is by Commissioner Sir Dean Goffin.

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