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    General Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 2238 - 2241, December 2023

    2238: Fanfare and allegro on the Doxology (Steve Kellner)The Doxology, set to the tune Old Hundredth (T.B. 31), is used widely around the world by Christian denominations, including Salvationists. This concert opener is based on the short but powerful hymn of praise to the Triune God.2239: To the endless day (Kenneth Downie)This is a meditation on the hymn tune Ruth (T.B. 191), written by Samuel Smith. It is a particular favourite of Don Jenkins, whose late wife was also called Ruth. This music is dedicated to Don, a distinguished trombone soloist and former Band master of Bristol Easton Corps Band.The music is always associated with the hymn by William Walsham How, whose words begin 'Summer suns are flowing over land and sea' (S.A.S.B. 59) with the title coming from the end of the final verse.2240: Euphonium Solo - He giveth more grace (Ray Steadman-Allen)This 1996 arrangement of Blacklands (T.B. 527), the composers own hymn tune written in 1963, is being published posthumously. The hymn tune sets the words 'He giveth more grace as our burdens grow greater' (S.A.S.B. 30) with an emphasis on the generosity of God.2241: The Calvary effect (Ian Clarke)Around AC 30, on a hill often refered to as Mount Calvary, an event took place that was to change the world forever. The Calvary effect is a reflection, in musical form, on that event and what it still means to people today. If features two tunes: first, in a quiet reflective mood, we hear the highly emotive Healing Stream, associated with the words 'Jesus, keep me near the cross; There is a precious fountain' (S.A.S.B. 178). This then makes way for the chorus; 'Lord, make Cavalry real to me' (S.A.S.B. 182), which is at times indistinct and almost lost in its surroundings, reflecting the sentiments of the chorus. A return to the main tune follows, this time in a positive, passionate setting. The music finishes with a triumphant 'Hallelujah!'.

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    Triumph Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 1355 - 1358, November 2023

    1355: March Medley - Pardoned Forever (Keith Manners)This collection of Easter-themed melodies should be played with enthusiasm and vigour. Featuring the songs He lives (S.A.S.B. 229), Chris is alive! Let Christians sing (S.A.S.B. 217) and No more! No more! He remembers sins no more (S.A.S.B. 460), the positive message of Easter Sunday is reflected in this bright march style.1356: Selection - I love the sweetest name (Noel Jones)This devotional selection includes three songs that feature the name of Jesus and derives its title from the following lines of those songs; 'How sweet the name of Jesus sounds' (S.A.S.B. 78), 'O, how I love the Saviour's name! The sweetest name on earth' (S.A.S.B. 94) and 'Sweetest name on mortal tongue' (S.A.S.B. 93).1357: Renewal (Harold Burgmayer)Will J. Brand penned the song Renewal (S.A.S.B. 634), with music by Bramwell Coles, for 'Day of Renewal' meetings conducted by General Albert Orsborn in October 1949. It was published in that form in The Musical Salvationist in 1951. Over time these meaningful words of consecration became wedded to an alternative tune, a lovely melody by Oscar Ahnfelt known as Trust in God (T.B. 903). This setting for band is based on a male-voice arrangement, conceived for a time of renewed consecration, sung by massed bands at the Canadian Staff Band's 50th Anniversary Festival in 2019.1358: Groove Hosanna! (Munashe Chikwezvero)This is a funk setting of three well-known melodies associated with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Today, such celebratory processions, and indeed most large gatherings, usually feature rich forms of music-making. Music provides atmosphere and generates excitement, and it is hoped that a funk inspired arrangement of these songs will inspire listeners to 'move to the groove'. The first two songs, Children of Jerusalem (S.A.S.B. 356) and Give me joy in my heart, keep me praising (S.A.S.B. 362) encourage us to sing 'Loud hosannas to our King!'. The words of the third song, When his salvation bringing, remind us that he "smiled to hear their song".

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    As I Pray (Cornet Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Joy Webb composed many Christian songs that continue to resonate with people today. As I Pray was originally written as a vocal solo and speaks of the constant need to communicate with God.Duration: 3.00

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    Londinium (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Londinium was commissioned by Paul Holland and the Flowers Band as the opening item of their 2016 Brass in Concert Programme. The music portrays the roman settlement of Londinium through a series of bold, off-stage, horn and baritone calls. The music then gradually transforms into the grand modern city of London that we know today.

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    Illuminate (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Andrew WainwrightIlluminate was composed for the Chicago Staff Band's performance at The Salvation Army's Boundless International Congress 2015 at London's O2 Arena. The music takes the listener on a journey of a Christian life, a life that is called to be a light in this dark world. The work starts out in optimistic fashion, with various musical pictures describing the joy of someone who has just received Christ into their life. Referencing Matthew 5:14-16, 'And you beloved, are the light of the world, a city built on a hilltop cannot be hidden. Similarly it would be silly to light a lamp and then hide it under a bowl. When someone lights a lamp, she puts it on a table... and the light illuminates the entire house. You are like that illuminating light.' (The Voice)Three songs are featured, firstly Shine on us (Michael W. Smith), with references to Speak, O Lord (Keith Getty & Stuart Townend), which is later heard in its complete form in the middle section in a time of reflection. Here there is a plea to 'Speak, O Lord, as we come to You, to receive the power of Your Holy Word', before a declaration '...That the light of Christ might be seen today in our acts of love and our deeds of faith.' This time of challenge ends with the poignant promise sounded by Evangeline Booth's song, The World for God, in the solo flugel horn: 'The world for God! I give my heart! I'll do my part!'The final movement is full of unrelenting energy, with references again to Matthew 5:16: 'Let your light shine everywhere you go, that you may illuminate creation, so men and women everywhere may see your good actions, may see creation at its fullest, may see your devotion to me and may turn and praise your Father in Heaven because of it.' The song Shine on us returns in full glory as a call to the Lord to 'Let your light, light of your face, shine on us.' However, this time the tune is juxtaposed with both The World for God and Speak, O Lord, and the challenge for us all to go out into the world and be shining lights.

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    Deus Invictus - God Unconquered (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Deus Invictus draws its inspiration from well-known words from Romans 8: 38-39; 'For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any owers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, can separate us from the love of God'. The music reflects the confidence and certainty of the scripture text while, as in everyday life, trials and tests come along which are reflected in a sequence of musical skirmishes. The work introduces the 19th century hymn 'St Albinus' to a wider audience and also includes references to the tunes 'St Margaret' and 'Rachie'. A setting of the Easter Hymn, 'Christ the Lord is risen today!', is heard followed by a final reprise of 'St Albinus'.

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    A Day in the Life of a Knight (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Here we have a most descriptive piece of writing - a story through music. A fantastic 1st section test piece and championship concert work:The opening scene would depict standing on the battlements of a castle hearing the thundering hoofs of our brave Knight's horse miles in the distance. His arrival is expected, and his reputation is known across many lands. Today, he is to joust amongst mere mortal knights and compete for the hand of the fair (and local) Princess.He vanquishes all competitors and wins the day. The scene moves to evening and court where reception and dance is to be held for our winning knight. Both Knight and Princess become centre of attention during the dance. Their eyes only for each other.At last, the Knight has a chance to be a lone with his Princess as they steal away from the celebrations to a star lit rampart above the castle gardens, where the Knight declares his ever-lasting love and pledges his life and of honour to her. He asks her hand, meanwhile monks pray in the below chapel hoping for union. She say's yes. It is announced in court, then blown from the battlements.Day breaks; he is brought word of evil doings back in his own land. He leaves word to the Princess that he will be back soon to take her hand. The trouble back home was a rouse to get him away from the Princes so one of the vanquished, a dark knight in yesterdays joust, has summoned a dragon to kidnap the princess for his own.As the truth of the deception reaches our Knight he quickly returns to face the varlet that has taken his Lady. This time tis no joust, but a fight to the death with the dark knight and dragon. Our champion proves his best once again and wins the day and the hand of his Princess forever!- Phil LawrenceSuitable for 1st Section Bands and aboveDuration: 11.15

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    Carnival of Venice (Bb Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Bb Solo with Brass BandThe Carnival Of Venice is arguably everyone's favourite solo, especially the version by Arban (1820 - 1869), author of the famous brass-playing method book still in regular use today. Young soloists aspire to master the necessary techniques, accomplished soloists know that it is a "sure fire" winner with audiences and listeners love to be dazzled by a virtuoso display of variations on a theme they easily recognise.The theme is a traditional Italian song and has inspired variations for almost every possible instrument. Arban's famous variations were written in 1864. The arrangement remains faithful to the original while maintaining interest in the accompaniments by varying the orchestration. Although the arrangement is listed as featuring the euphonium as the solo instrument, it can also be used successfully as accompaniment for a cornet soloist.The arrangement has been recorded by Jeff Binns, euphonium, and St Louis Brass Band, musical director Keith M Wilkinson, on the CD Strike Up The Band and by Anthony Avitollo, euphonium, and Cuyahoga Valley Brass Band, musical director Keith M Wilkinson, on the CD Around The World.

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    Welcome to the Jungle (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Named the greatest hard rock song of all time by VH1, Guns N' Roses' signature hit was introduced back in 1987 and remains as popular and recognizable today as ever. Featuring plenty of musical variety and excitement, this version will challenge young players but is guarenteed to inspire them to practice!

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    Christ the Lord (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Venables, Marcus

    This festival prelude was written for the North York Temple Band to open the 2011 'Glory of Easter' concert. The piece is based on the Welsh tune of Llanfair (T.B. 271), associated with the words 'Christ the Lord is risen today'. The music is meant to be a celebration and awakening of our spirits to rejoice in the awesome wonder that is the Easter story; Christ thre Lord came to die for the worlds sins, but has risen, today!

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