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  • £49.20

    BACK TO THE FUTURE (Brass Band) - Silvestri, Alan - Barry, Darrol

    Medium. Duration 3:00

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  • £89.99

    Mind Dances (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Hill, Fendall

    This is an autobiographical piece on anxiety, a 7 year period of my life when external events took their toll, and my previously self assured self woke in the early mornings, way before my body wanted. My mind would fret, regret, and attempt to fix things beyond my control or powers, eventually carving out an anxiety-shaped hole in my soul. This piece is an exploration of the sheer range of thought processes I went through, the mind dances I would perform to either calm myself back to sleep, or somehow come to terms with my situation. My mind dances through stages panic, regret, attempts at positive thinking and planning, interspersed with dread. It gets to a point where Ive raked through everything, there are no new thoughts, just the sound of my breathing as I'm finally able to shut out the noise. Some call Him the invisible guy in the sky, but He is real to me, and always incredibly tangible at these moments. Deep calls to Deep! A prayerful cry, and memories of past promises made, of a future and a hope. A form of peace descends on my spirit. I could fall back to sleep, and sometimes I do.

    Estimated delivery 12-14 days

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