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    BOLERO (Brass Band) - Ravel, Maurice - Littlemore, Phillip

    Ravel's one-movement orchestral pieceBolerowas written in 1928. It epitomises Ravel's preoccupation with restyling and reinventing dance movements. It was also one of the last pieces he composed before illness forced him into retirement. The original version has a duration of between 15 and 18 minutes, depending on the tempo set by the conductor. This brass band arrangement is significantly shorter, lasting a mere 4 minutes or so. There is also an 'extra' ending, first used in the musical sensationBlast! which almost guarantees addtional applause at a concert! Duration: 4:30

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    Brass Cinema (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Brass Cinema is a work containing many extremely descriptive melodies and atmospheres, inspired by the fascinating world of film music. It was commissioned by the Swiss Brass Band 13 Etoiles to celebrate their 30th anniversary and is a cinematic masterpiece that will be loved by both performers and audience alike. 18:00

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    CAMBERLEY (Brass Band) - Richards, Goff

    March. Duration: 3:18 Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL222D And the Band Played On

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    GLADIATORS' FAREWELL, The (Brass Band Marchcard) - Blankenburg, Hermann L.

    Marchcard size. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL226D Master Brass Volume 18

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    IN MEMORIAM RK (Brass Band Set - Score and Parts) - Howarth, Elgar

    All England National Brass Band Championship 2007. Recored on Polyphonic QPRL226D Master Brass Volume 18, QPRL056D National Brass Band Championship 1992 played by Black Dyke.

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    Music of the Spheres (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Sparke, Philip

    Music of the Spheres was commissioned by the Yorkshire Building Society Band and first performed by them at the European Brass Band Championships in Glasgow, May 2004. The piece reflects the composers fascination with the origins of the universe and deep space in general. The title comes from a theory, formulated by Pythagoras, that the cosmos was ruled by the same laws he had discovered that govern the ratios of note frequencies of the musical scale. ('Harmonia' in Ancient Greek, which means scale or tuning rather than harmony - Greek music was monophonic). He also believed that these ratios corresponded to the distances of the six known planets from the sun and thatthe planets each produced a musical note which combined to weave a continuous heavenly melody (which, unfortunately, we humans cannot hear). In this work, these six notes form the basis of the sections Music of the Spheres and Harmonia. The pieces opens with a horn solo called t = 0, a name given by some scientists to the moment of the Big Bang when time and space were created, and this is followed by a depiction of the Big Bang itself, as the entire universe bursts out from a single point. A slower section follows called The Lonely Planet which is a meditation on the incredible and unlikely set of circumstances which led to the creation of the Earth as a planet that can support life, and the constant search for other civilisations elsewhere in the universe. Asteroids and Shooting Stars depicts both the benign and dangerous objects that are flying through space and which constantly threaten our planet, and the piece ends with The Unknown, leaving in question whether our continually expanding exploration of the universe will eventually lead to enlightenment or destruction.Duration: 18:00

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    Suite SymA(c)trique (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    This playful three-part suite is largely based on symmetry. This of course is largely due to the relations of the arrangement of the themes; however, on the other hand, to the larger structures in form. The first part, (Prelude et Scherzo) has a solemn opening. Followed by it a related scherzo with many changes in time, this too is composed in a symmetrical form. In the second movement, Choral Dorian, the theme of the prelude is reversed and used in chorale in Dorian tonality. The suite comes to a close with Rondo d'Avignon. An annual theatre festival in a French city on the Rhone inspired this suite. It is a lively movement, symmetrically bought to a finish with a repeat of the prelude from the first movement. 05:18

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    Diversions after Benjamin Britten

    Aria - His Depth LUCY PANKHURST Scherzo - His Vitality SIMON DOBSON March - His Sympathy PAUL McGHEE Toccata - His Skill GAVIN HIGGINS Diversions after Benjamin Britten was devoted by Paul Hindmarsh as a centenary tribute to Britain's foremost composer of the 20th century. It is a companion piece to Variations on a Theme of Michel Tippett,although in this case the theme is not musical, but the composer himself. The four leading young composers were invited to create their own personal reflections on four aspects of Britten's character. His Depth refers to the emotional and symbolic subtexts underpinning Britten's operas. His Vitality reminds us that Britten loved tennis and fast cars in his youger days. His Sympathy is ecvoative or Britten's pacifism, while His Skill pays tribute to composer's consummate creativity. At its premiere, these virtuoso inspirations were prefaced and separated by the four strains of Britten's ceremonial Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury. This design is recommended as an optional means of presenting the four contrasting movements. The fanfare is published by Boosey & Hawkes,edition. Duration: 14 mins (18 mins including Britten's Fanfare) Grade 6 Complete edition ? 85 plus postage and packing, extra scores ? 15 Separate items ? 35 each plus postage and packing PHM003

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    White Christmas - Irving Berlin

    Composed in 1942 by Irving Berlin, White Christmas as recorded by Bing Crosby is the worlds best-selling single, with sales in excess of 100 million copies.Recorded with the John Scott Trotter Orchestra and the Ken Darby Singers and Chorus for Decca Records in just 18 minutes on May 29, 1942, it was released as part of an album of six 78-rp discs from the musical film Holiday Inn.This arrangement captures all the schmaltz of the Hollywood musical.

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    Summer Storm - Antonio Vivaldi

    Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice and began his adult life in the church, becoming known as the 'Red Priest', presumably due to his sandy-coloured hair. Health problems prevented him continuing actively in the priesthood and he turned his attention to music.He wrote 18 operas, many sacred choral works and over 300 concerti, many for use at the Ospidale della Piet? orphanage where he was director of music. Of these, the 12 violin concerti known as The Four Seasons (from the opus 8 set, The Trial of Harmony and Invention), have become the best known. The third concerto, Summer, includes a graphic description of a thunderstorm which makes an effective showpiece when played by any solo instrument. Sadly, Vivaldi died in poverty in Vienna, whilst trying vainly to secure commissions for himself, but his music has survived to become some of the best loved in the world.

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