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    I Byen Samarkand - Nordstoga-Hovland - Svein H. Giske

    Odd Nordstoga is an award winning Norwegian artist who has been active since the 1990's, working in the popular-/folk music genre. I have listened to a lot of Odd Nordstogas music, in particular the Heim te mor-album. When preparing for Askoy Brass Band's participation at Siddis Brass in 2008, I came across I byen Samarkand, another of Nordstogas tunes. This was from the Pilegrim album. I thought it had an exciting mix of expressions and included it in the band's repertoire for the Siddis Brass competiton.Pilegrim was initially a commision by the Bergen International Festival back in 2005, based on lyrics by author Ragnar Hovland and Odd Nordstoga's music. - Svein H. Giske -

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    James Bond 007 Medley - Various - Lars Erik Gudim

    The Movie series about the British special agent 007 are among the greatest success in the history. The films has also produced a lot of musical hits performed by the worlds greatest artists.This arrangemt for vocal solo with Concert Band consists of the following four songs:James Baond Theme | Goldfinger | For Your Eyes Only | Licence to Kill

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    Jyn Erso Theme (From "Rogue One - A Star Wars Story") - Michael Giacchino - Idar Torskangerpoll

    After seven soundtracks written by John Williams for the Star Wars. the music for Rogue One ??" A Star Wars Story is composed by Michael Giacchino. Giacchino is one of the leading composers of film music today with soundtracks for "The Incredibles", "Star Trek", Zootropolis", "Inside Out", and TV-series "Lost" as his greatest achievements.With his music to "Rogue One", Giacchino puts his own mark on the new Star Wars movie but with natural influences by "the master" himself John Williams..Jyn Erso Theme portraits one of the new characters of the "Rogue One" movie. British actress Felicity Jones plays the role of Jyn Erso in "Rogue One"

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    Kobolt - John Brakstad

    "Cobalt" was commisioned by Modum Janitsjar as own choice piece for the Norwegian Wind Band Championships, third section in 2009.The Royal Cobalt Works of Modum were established in 1773 to extract cobalt ore from the local mines. The works were in operation until 1893.The cobalt was used in the production of cobalt blue pigment for the worlds porcelain and glass industry.To day it is a museum showing us how people at that time worked and lived.Most of the work was done by hand. There were also bad accidents with many fatalites.But in their free time there were dancing and drinking, and the entire piece ends with a dance-episode including a local tune.

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    Kort samba og kort mambo - Svein Fjermestad

    This is two short pieces at grade level 1,5 written in samba- and mambo style as the titles indicates.The percussion parts are ad lib and are intended to be customized to the number of players and instruments available.

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    Last Christmas - George Michael - Haakon Esplo

    Who does not know the big hit Last Christmas from the pop group Wham! The duo sold 25 million albums between 1982 until they dissolved in 1986.The front figure, vocalist George Michael and guitarist/singer Andrew Ridgeley is also known for hits such as Club Tropicana and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go which was their first song to reache the top on both the UK and US hitlists.Last Christmas is a natural choice for the next Christmas concert. And the audience will definitely sing along....

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    Lime Tree Islet - Jan Utbult

    Lime Tree Islet is a jazz-tune composed by Jan Utbult for Noteservice' Flex 4 series. The song has a simple form and logical melody. The middle section features a drum solo as well as a tutti-passage where the intention is to make it sound like a big band playing this kind of music.The title is a pun with one of the Islands, Lindholmen in the northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. The archipelago is visited by many people and their yachts every summer.

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    Lokk, dans og vise - Bjorn Mellemberg

    This piece is a collection of three folk songs from Nord-Gudbrandsdal in Norway.To the Conductor:First part (from bar 8): The trumpets presents the theme while the horns and trombones represents a kind of echo ??" "from a distance" and softer in style.Part two ??" from bar 19: This is a dance in which the first and third beat are the most important.In part 3 (from bar 44) the phrasing should be 4+2+4+2.

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    Luftforsvarets jubileumsmarsj - Frode Thingnaes

    Frode Thingnaes was one of the "Grand Old Men" of the Norwegian Military Bands. This march was commissioned by the Norwegian Air Force to it's 50 years anniversary in 1994.There was a wish tht the march should give associations to Glenn Miller, a wish that Thingnaes put into the trio part of the march in the most elegant manner.

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    Marsj i mai - Hans Offerdal

    March in May is a fun and joyful march with challenges in all instrumental groups!Composed for Haugen skolekorps and their 40 years anniversary in 2017.Playing time: approx. 2:10 min