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    Fansa da Matasa - Reid Gilje

    "Fansa da Matasa" was written for Norwegian Brass Band Felleskorpset Askoy, today named Ravnanger Brass.The piece is divided into six main parts where the last one includes the hymn "Colne";Part 1 starts slowly, but rhythmically where the intensity grows towards a virtuosic Part 2.Part 2 feature a demaning solo for xylophone (bars 55 to 63). A simplified version of this solo is included in the part.Part 3 starts with some declamatory cadences and continue with several solos before it closed with a larger tutti-part.Part 4 has to be played well firmly and rhythmically. The melody is more of a cantabile style.Part 5 is a beautiful and quiet one with a touch of melancholy. (Small notes in Baritone to played if necessary).Part 6 has to be played with a rhythmic drive and intensity. The hymn "Colne" starts at bar 248 and should be played with a sostenuto-style.

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