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    The Platinum Jubilee March - Chris G. Shelton

    The Platinum Jubilee March was written to celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's seventy-year reign as monarch of the United Kingdom. Its premiere was televised live around the world as part of the Queen's Birthday Parade which marked the start of the national Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The Queen's Birthday Parade 2022 saw the First Battalion of the Irish Guards trooping their colour. To reflect this, the march begins in a celebratory style and features a melody based around the opening motif of Let Erin Remember - the regimental slow march of the Irish Guards. In traditional style, the march develops excitement both harmonically and melodically, creating a strong sense of drive before reaching a stately trio. This section has a very regal and noble feel, lending subtle harmonic nods to two of the most quintessentially British composers, Gustav Holst, and Sir William Walton. The march culminates in a bold grandioso, featuring semi-quaver lines that are underpinned by a driving trombone countermelody. A forthright restatement of the introductory fanfare brings the march to a very definite and resolved ending.

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