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    The High Council (Brass Band - Score only) - Steadman-Allen, Ray

    This march was written at the request of the then Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Arnold Brown for the welcome meeting of the 1974 High Council, a gathering of The Salvation Army's top leaders from around the world who meet to elect a new General. The scintillating music is filled with many wonderful and surprising shifts of key, rhythm and instrumental colour. Evangeline Booth's song 'The world for God' provides the international reference while at the trio's peak, the composer joins three tunes in impressive counterpoint; 'We're the Army' (cornets), 'A Robe of White' (horns and baritones) and 'Bound for Canaan's Shore' (trombones). The march ends with a dazzling shift into triple time and an impressive molto allargando codetta.

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