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Spring Festival 2022

Grand Shield

  • £124.95

    Dynasty (Peter Graham)

    'Dynasty' was a joint commission for the 2019 British Open and Belgium Championships, and pays homage to the iconic figure of Harry Mortimer through a series of linked narrative passages using his autobiography as a musical point of reference. First heard to widespread acclaim at Symphony Hall, the work will make its European contest premiere at the Belgian National Championships later this year.

Senior Cup

  • £59.95

    Freedom (Hubert Bath)

    First Movement: Molto moderato e un poco maestoso In God’s fresh air, under the open sky, we stretch our arms to the great spaces, breathing the winds and contemplating the gentle sweetness of Nature itself. This is Freedom. Second Movement: Interlude, Andante esprissivo And then, the quiet interlude of Romance, the trees, the meadows, the scent of the flowers, the little drifting clouds, and — Love, This, too, is Freedom. Third Movement: Scherzo - Finale. Allegro vivace e lergeramente. And then, again, that other insuperable gift of Laughter, fresh and light as the salt sea breezes over the hilltops which have fluttered their songs across the laughing waves. This is Joy, Love, Vigour, and— This, also, is Freedom.

Senior Trophy

  • £44.95

    Life Divine (Cyril Jenkins)

    Written for the 1921 National Championships, it was to become Harry Mortimer's favourite test-piece. Previously used as the Test piece for Butlins, and both the National and Regional Brass Band Championships.