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    Exegesis - Tim Paton

    The term exegesis is applied to a study which works out the meaning of something, an interpretation of a series of events, a comparison of ideas within a given medium, for example, “Biblical exegesis”.This brass band piece is a musical exegesis.Section one is made up of three main themes. Although these themes are tonal within themselves, there is a sense that they are trying to understand one another. From the very beginning of this section, there is an element of Bitonality and Dissonance.The middle section is ponderous, where we hear elements of these three themes. It could be called the thinking section.Section three almost interrupts this middle section, with fanfares displaying a realisation, still containing bitonality, but in harmony! We are soon led in to a hymn like celebration, followed by a determined, militaristic section for the percussion. Finally, the fanfares which opened this third section, reappear, taking us to a final conclusion.

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