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    Dreamcatcher - Otto M. Schwarz

    Once upon a time in North America, there lived a mother and her small daughter in a tribe of Ojibwa Indians. The girl suffered from constant nightmares. The mother sought help from Spider Woman known as Asibikaashi, who took care of the children and people on the land. Asibikaashi span a magic web to protect the girl from these evil dreams using a branch from the meadow bent into a sacred circle, with a web woven from cord that had dried on sacred herbs, and with a hole in the middle to let good dreams pass through. The dreamcatcher, decorated with sacred feathers, only allowed good dreams to pass through; the bad dreams were caught in the web. If one awoke early in the morning and the rest of the sun's rays touched the dreamcatcher, the bad dreams would be burnt and turned into invisible stardust.This work contains well-known dream images: the dream of flying, the transcendental meeting with a deceased person, and the dream of running away on legs that won't run. Everything turns out well in the end, as the sun's rays burn off the evil and everything is forgotten.

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