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    CatarA, CatarA Bb Cornet Solo Salvatore Cardillo arr. Joseph Knight

    “Core ‘ngrato” (Neapolitan: [?k?"?r? ???r?'?t?]; “Ungrateful Heart”), also known by the first words “Catari, Catari” (short and dialectal form for Caterina, a female first name), is a 1911 Neapolitan song by emigrant American composer Salvatore Cardillo with lyrics by Riccardo Cordiferro (real name Alessandro Sisca).[1]It was adopted by Enrico Caruso but it is not known whether he commissioned Cardillo and Sisca to write it.[2] It is the only well-known standard Neapolitan song to have been written in America.[3]In the song, Catari’s lover reproaches the girl for thoughtlessly and heartlessly rejecting his abiding love for her; he implores her not to forget that he has given her his heart and that his soul is in torment; and he says he has confessed his feelings to a priest, who advised him to let her go. (Source Wikipedia)This arrangement has been made for solo Bb Cornet and is a full score with parts.

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