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    Blackbird Special - Davis

    Blackbird Special" is a song by American band Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The song is an entertainment piece, a good concert opener or encore. When used as a concert opener one may let the different sections of the band enter the stage one by one playing in order of appearance. Percussion section may play their parts ad lib. The most important is the groove of the piece. Please pay attention to strict articulation from bar 17. Be aware of the marcatos at 33. The last note of the slurs at 41 must be not be too short. It's important to hold the note values, especially in bars 49, 51, 53 and 55. From 57 and throughout the piece, the percussion may invite the audience to join forhandclaps. As an extra effect, the Bass Tubas may stand at 57, the Horns at 59, backrow Cornets and Trombones at 61 and Euphonium/Baritone/Solo Cornets at 63. ||||||

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