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    Bipolarity - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Bipolarity - Stijn Aertgeerts - 12'10'' - BVT154 In the close environment of the composer some people struggle with bipolar disorder. It's hard to imagine how hard it must be to live with those episodes, going rapidly between a state of hypomania and severe depression, or worse. With this piece I wanted to try and describe those different episodes, from a highly elevated mood into a great feeling of sadness, from euphoria to complete darkness. The piece starts off really excited, almost overexcited and a touch nervous. This mood quickly shifts into self-doubt, announced by the multiple cadenzas in cornet, euphonium, flugelhorn and trombone. Out of this follows a haunting feeling of growing sadness. Another eerie reminder of the opening shifts the mood into calmness, optimism and even for just a second complete happiness. This however fades in an instant, as you hear someone literally being dragged down by a chain. Here starts the total spiral into darkness, spinning more and more out of control to a heavy and dark conclusion. WINNER OF THE BAND PRIZE & AUDIENCE PRIZE AT THE EBBC 2019 COMPOSER COMPETITION (MONTREUX-SWITZERLAND)

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