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    Away in a Manger

    The music of Away in a Manger needs no introduction, and this lovely setting for brass band sets a beautiful sound. This brass band arrangement is not too difficult to play and it is very effective in the concert hall. Away in a Manger is a very popular Christmas carol, which was written in 1882. In Britain, a poll was taken in 1996 to ascertain what was the people's favourite carol, and Away in a Manger came joint second. The origin of the carol is now considered to be from America, despite claims that it was the work of Martin Luther, the German religious reformer. The carol is predominantly about the the time just following the birth of baby Jesus as he lays in his manger in the cattleshed. There are many varients worldwide, with the most common melodies coming from Cradle Song by William J Kirkpatrick and Mueller by James R Murray. The third verse is is absent from early versions, as it was thought to have been written later on 1892.

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