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    SEA PICTURES (Brass Band Parts only) - Sparke, Philip

    Parts only. An atmospheric and descriptive work, Sea Pictures is in three sections. The quiet but very difficult opening describes the sea at dawn when all is still save for the cries of the early-morning gulls and deep movements of the sea itself. The sun rises and the next section pictures it glistening and sparkling on the waves. A school of playful dolphins passes. As they swin into the distance we are alone again with the sun and the waves. But there are distant rumblings; from far away a storm approaches. Cool breezes disturb the surface of the sea as it clouds over. And then the storm is upon us, turning the sea into the most awful force in all nature. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it abates, leaving the sea once again serene in sunlight. All is calm but, as the work fades to a close, distant claps of thunder remind us that we are always at the mercy of the power and ficklesness of nature. Championship section. Duration 20:13

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